Monofilament Wigs For Cancer Patients

Monofilament Wigs For Cancer Patients

If you are a cancer patient, wants to help you be able to keep your focus on healing, instead of the emotional difficulties that can come with hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatments. 

According to the American Cancer Society, chemotherapy damages hair follicles, causing hair loss, but it usually grow back. With radiation treatment, there is often scalp hair loss and a possibility of permanent loss.

Hair loss can begin as early as two weeks into treatment. It’s recommended to have a wig before starting chemo or radiation. Losing one’s hair can be devastating, but a natural-looking and beautiful wig can help ease the loss. The right wig can make you feel like yourself again. There are so many different types of wigs, depending on need and lifestyle. Through cancer treatments and hair loss, scalps can become tender. Because of this, monofilament wigs are the best choice for cancer patients.


These wigs include a thin transparent mesh cap to allow a more natural look. This mesh shows the wearer’s natural skin tone and allows for parting versatility, along with the illusion of natural hair growth. It also keeps the hairpiece well ventilated and cool for tender scalps. Read on for our list of beautiful monofilament wigs fro cancer patients.

 Best Wigs for Chemo Patients


Julianne by Jon Renau is a chic and effortless bob style wig. This synthetic wig is has a 100% hand-tied cap for the ultimate comfortable fit. It also has a SmartLace front that creates a natural and beautiful hairline. This smart fit is secure, so Julianne requires no tapes or adhesives! It can’t be any easier! Straight out of the box, Julianne has beachy waves and is ready to wear, so it requires no styling effort on your part. This makes Julianne your best friend on days where you just don’t have the energy to style, but you still want to look your best!

Sparkle Elite

Edgy and fierce: two words that perfectly describe Sparkle Elite by Raquel Welch. This pixie with textured layers goes with every look and it’s the ultimate no-fuss style. This lace front wig is designed with the Memory Cap II, a lightweight cap made to conform to you for a custom fit.  Sparkle Elite also features a temple-to-temple lace front, meaning you can part any direction you want. You’re covered! 


Just how glamorous is this wig? Spotlight by Raquel Welch is an amazing choice if you’re looking to go to great lengths. These long layers offer natural movement and a realistic feel. Plus, this monofilament wig is as smart as you! Spotlight’s memory cap learns and remembers the shape of your head for a perfect fit every time. My favorite part of this wig is that it’s made from Tru2Life Heat Friendly Fiber. Typically, synthetic wigs are difficult to style because it can’t handle heated styling tools. Spotlight not only looks and feels like real hair, but it can styled like it too!

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Hello Magrith,

We are sorry to hear that you suffer from alopecia. We have provided some links below to places that donate quality wigs to people going through alopecia, cancer, and other medical issues.
1350 Eye St. NW
Suite P-100
Washington, DC 20005
275 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY10001
800‑813‑HOPE (4673)
Accepts wig donations for women in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut The Beauty Bar & Salon
8 Bowman Ave
Port Chester NY 10573

We would also recommend checking out our website for greater deals and discounts.

We hope this information helps and if we can be of further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Wig Experts

Hi I dont suffer from cancer, but I do suffer from Alopecia for the past 36 years, I have one wish, and that would being able to have a wig, looking like my own hair. And not like the fake looking ones I can afford, its cheap and hot, after a few weeks it smell like wet dog, even whether I wash it twice a week.
Just one thing I cant understand, wigs are donated to people struggling from cancer, here are also people like me who suffer from Alopecia, I will never get my own hair back, at age 42 my brows and 90% of my body is hairless. It is devistating for me still. Because I cant afford decent wigs, Im a struggling single mom, my children come first in my life, but I need to look presentable to be able to work as reception


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