Must-Have Products for the Best Wig-Wearing Experience

Must-Have Products for the Best Wig-Wearing Experience

Both biological and wearable hair requires a certain amount of upkeep and this upkeep generally involves a regiment of products.
For both types of hair, most of the product categories overlap, of course. Both need to be cleansed with shampoo and conditioner, for example. Also, both can benefit from a spray of dry shampoo!
Some products, though, are created and formulated for wearable hair. These products help protect your investment and extend the longevity of your wig.
If you are a wig newbie, you will want to make sure you have certain must-have products in your arsenal. Read on to see what you still need to add to your shopping list!


Brush or Comb

Inevitably, your wig will get a tangle or need a quick brushing. If you have a synthetic wig, stick to a wide-tooth comb. Cathy purchased the Beautimark wide-tooth comb: “It works great. It helps greatly with the tangles.”


Meanwhile, human hair wigs should be brushed with a paddle brush that can detangle and smooth.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Like biological hair, wigs need to be washed regularly to maintain their integrity. You can’t just pick up a bottle of a normal shampoo to use on a wig. Both human and synthetic hair wigs need specially formulated products. We love the 3pc Synthetic Must Haves by BeautiMark that has both the shampoo and conditioner you need!

Human Hair Wig Products 

3pc Human Hair Must Haves by BeautiMark

Dry Shampoo

Who doesn’t love dry shampoo? It is easily my favorite hair product ever. With a spray or two, two-day hair is magically transformed! Dry shampoos are especially great for wigs because it can reduce shine that can give a “wiggy” appearance.

Smooth Detangler 

Wig Detangling

Without a good detangling spray, tools like wig combs can get tangled up in a wig. This can especially happen in the back! To minimize this problem, use a detangler like the Smooth Detangler from BeautiMark
Don’t take my word for it - a Smooth Detangler lover writes, “This detangler is excellent. Best one I’ve tried."

Wig Caps

I cannot emphasize this enough: wig caps make wearing wigs so much more comfortable. They secure your biological hair and helps your wig stay in place so you won’t have to stress about whether or not your wig will stay put.

Wig caps come in two different types: mesh and nylon. Many people prefer mesh for its breathability, but nylon also has its fans. One mesh fan named Donna writes, “The liner is so much cooler than the stocking type and does not cause me to have headaches.”

Wig Head Stand

Wig Stand

When you aren’t wearing your wig, whether you’re showering or sleeping, it’s best to store your wig on a head stand. It can also be easier to style your wig on a stand.
There are many types of wig stands, including plastic and metal ones. We recommend the acrylic options because it adjusts to fit both short wigs and long wigs alike. 


An atomizer is a handy little device! It’s a product that applies a light mist to wig strands that makes it easier to finger-style your wig.

Do you think we missed any must-have products? Let us know in the comments!

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