New Year, New Hair

New Year, New Hair

Before New Year’s Eve hits, most of us have already started our mental list of new year’s resolutions. Health and financial goals tend to top lists and they are important, but what about the resolutions that add some fun to the new year?
Look, after 2020, we all could do with some more fun in our lives. By all means, eat more vegetables and go for that promotion. On New Year’s Eve, though, resolve to play around with your looks, starting with your wig!
As the year rolls on, to keep your resolution on track, be sure to regularly check our new arrivals!

Crop It

In so many ways, short hair is easier and more efficient. If you’d like to simplify your life this year, consider a short wig. With a beautiful cropped wig, you can enjoy quicker washing and styling times! Plus, who doesn’t look adorable in a pixie or a bob wig?
To cut time out of your routine and cut length out of your wig, try one of these:

Go to Great Lengths

If you’ve always envied the Rapunzel lookalikes of the world, make this your year! If you’re concerned a long wig may be too bold of a change, try it out in your preferred shade since you already love the color!
Oh, and guess what? Length does not have an age limit, so rock that long hair, girl!


Color Your World

What if you want to blow everyone’s mind this year with a dramatic hair color change? I like the way you think. If you’re ready to branch out, shade-wise, let’s make this the year you do it.
For your splash of color, look at these choices:


Add a Bang

A lot of women have a tendency to make drastic hair changes during emotional turmoil, which is why the “dumped woman decides to get bangs” is an oddly specific stereotype now. This is just one of many instances where wearable hair beats out the biological type. Bangs, or a fringe, doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment.
If you’d like to try a wig with bangs, check out these pieces:

If you’d rather go with clip-in bangs or a topper with bangs, I’d recommend these:  
If you grow tired of the look, or decide bangs aren’t for you, you just remove the piece and move on. You won’t have to suffer through that awkward growing-out phase!
As 2021 rolls in, what better time to transform your look into something new? If you’ll be experimenting as a new year’s resolution, tell us about it in the comments!

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