Perfect Hair With Human Hair Wigs and Extensions!

Perfect Hair With Human Hair Wigs and Extensions!

Having a perfect hair day doesn’t happen all the time for most of us. Sometimes, when all those good vibes aline with the stars in the sky, and you pull out the perfect beach waves or smooth look you have always wanted, the last thing you need is nowhere to go. Here are four tips to help you make the most of your perfect style when you don’t have any plans.

Take Some Selfies in Your Human Hair!

Most women will agree that taking a selfie is a labor of love and sometimes a little luck. If you are achieving that perfect 'do and want to flaunt it, take a few pictures. Use them to update profiles, screensavers on significant other’s phones, or just to play around with some filters you have always wanted to try.


Leyla Milani 20" Clip In Extensions


Take Your Wig For A Walk!

Whether its that daily run you were determined to do and never got around to or just a walk through your neighborhood, take the free time and fantastic wig style to explore the world around you. Not only will this give you a chance to show off that great hairstyle, but it will also encourage all the health benefits associated with being outdoors.

Take Your Wig On An Adventure

Just because you don’t have plans doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Take advantage of that great hair and go anywhere you have always wanted but never tried. It can be as simple as seeing that movie you have been hearing so much about or convincing some friends to join you at the spot you never had the confidence to try before. Don’t let a good hairstyle go to waste. Get out in the world and let your hair do the talking for you.

Short Wig With Bangs by Envy WigsTamara by Envy


Boost Your Self-Esteem

Scientific studies have shown that what you think of your hair can reflect on your self-esteem levels. When people have good hair days they are more likely to feel more confident, more attractive, and in control. Use that boost of confidence to your benefit. Do something more to reiterate your good vibes. Even the simple act of cleaning up your place on a good hair day will reinforce your boost in confidence thereby making it a more permanent part of yourself.

Along with the boost in self-esteem that comes from a perfect wig style, you may also just start to feel confident enough to talk to that special someone you have been crushing on. Your boost in self-esteem translates to a more positive self-assured attitude. Most people find confidence an attractive trait when looking for a partner. Between this boost and rocking hair, your perfect do just might be a sign that its time to go for that one or that thing you have been shying away from.


Don’t let a perfect hair day go to waste. Using these tips above will secure that every good hair day (and wigs make sure you have plenty of those) will always bring the most out of your 'do whether you have plans or not.


What's your favorite place to go when your wig is on point?  

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