PREVENT Tangling on Synthetic Wigs and Hair Toppers

PREVENT Tangling on Synthetic Wigs and Hair Toppers

High heat synthetic fiber, with its ultra-fine denier and natural look and feel, is more luxurious and realistic than any other synthetic fiber.

Heat Resistant Wigs and How to Care for Them

This technologically advanced fiber captures the natural sheen of healthy human hair and gives the wearer the heat styling benefits without the high investment. If not cared for properly, this fiber will tangle more than traditional synthetic fibers. Follow these recommendations to prevent tangling on your high heat synthetic alternative hair:

Use professional grade heat-styling tools
Professional grade tools are designed to deliver well-distributed heat without causing damage to the hair via their ceramic or tourmaline plates. Using tools with digital temperature settings is also important to ensure the correct temperature is being used. High heat synthetic fibers should be styled with heat tools (curling iron, flat iron, etc.) set at 270°-280° F.

We recommend using heat protectants and styling sprays that prevent damage to your high heat synthetic wig or hairpiece.

Heat Protectant Spray for Hair

Our pick: Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray (This is also great for use on human hair!)


Use DAILY detanglers that are specifically designed for synthetic fibers to combat frizz
High heat synthetic fiber will frizz. Tension and friction are two of the main causes of frizzing and can be avoided with proper care and maintenance. Prolong the life of your high heat synthetic fibers by using products designed to restore the vitality of your HD wig every day. This is especially important with medium to long length high heat wigs or hairpieces.

Detangler For Hair

Additionally, use tools that will prevent frizzing and tangling in your daily routine. Use ONLY the Jon Renau Wide Tooth Comb to style your high heat synthetic wig or hairpiece. ALL OTHER BRUSHES AND COMBS WILL CAUSE FRIZZING AND WILL DAMAGE THE FIBER.

Wig Comb



Wash your wig or hairpiece every 6-8 wears
Washing your wig or hairpiece every 6-8 wears ensures you are removing the sweat, make up, and oils from your skin that sit within the elastic base of the cap and break down the cap much faster. Doing this will help the cap and fiber last longer.

Learn more on how to wash wigs.

Air dry for best results
Allow your high heat synthetic wig to air dry naturally instead of blow drying to help maintain the integrity of the fiber. Allowing your wig to dry overnight will help ensure there is no moisture left in the cap, which can result in stretching.


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Hi Cynthia,

We wouldn’t recommend using infrared heat.

If we can be of further assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to our representatives

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Thank you for your helpful advice! Can ifracred heat be used at a low temp to style HD wigs? Thank you : )


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