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Pros & Cons of Hair Extensions

Posted on January 12 2018

It seems like hair extensions are all the rage these days. And it’s no wonder -- hair extensions are easy to use and can seriously enhance your look. Whether you are looking for semi-permanent extensions to make your everyday hair look fuller and/or longer, or are looking for temporary extensions for a special event or even just a night on the town, there are extensions out there for every person and for every need.

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The benefits it seems, are almost endless. Did your stylist chop too much off during your last visit to the salon? There are extensions for that! Are you interested in highlights but not ready to take the permanent plunge? Yep, there are extensions for that. Looking to make a ponytail fuller, a bun bigger, or a braid more Disney princess-esque? Yep, there are extensions for that, too! While there are no doubt extensions for every need and purpose, we do feel inclined to warn you that not all extensions were created equally. So, we’ve put together a sort of buyer beware guide for shopping for extensions. You are welcome in advance.




If you have naturally thin hair or are simply looking to take your volume up to the next level, you might be in the market for some extensions that will be sure to add lots of “oomph” to your ‘do. Extensions (done correctly) can do wonders for ensuring that your hair is big, bold, and beautiful. Gone will be the days of endless teasing and poufing -- instead, you’ll be blessed with some gorgeous hair additions that will make people stop and say “wow, that girl has great hair.”


Extensions for volume are awesome. It also means that they will be added in throughout your hair for maximum results. So, it is incredibly important to make sure that these hair extensions are put in correctly and by a professional! Extensions, when put in incorrectly, can cause serious damage to your hair. If applied incorrectly, hair can break -- and even fall out! Yikes! Be sure to visit a reputable salon. In this case, experience and expertise is key!



Real hair is expensive. We get it. Obviously, though, there is nothing like the real thing. If you want the kind of extensions that will seriously, no questions asked, pass for your actual hair, then you’re going to want to go with actual human hair. Shop all Human Hair Extensions! However, we realize it is not in everyone’s budget. So, there are still affordable options out there!


Yes, we said affordable options exist. And they do! But there’s cheaper and then there’s just cheap. Not all “fake hair” is created equally. This is especially important to note when you are ordering online and unable to physically touch the product. A good rule of thumb is, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Shop all synthetic hair extensions!



Extensions don’t have to break the bank! As mentioned above, a quality stylist and quality extensions will ensure your hair extensions turn heads for all the right reasons, but that doesn’t mean that your newfound hair has to break the bank. Many websites offer discounts for first time customers, and included!


Okay, yes, quality extensions are going to cost you. However, when it comes to having something attached to your head, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Save up and invest in quality extensions -- and once you purchase them, learn the proper upkeep steps to ensure they last a long time! Say it with us: quality over quantity.

There you have it. Our guide to the pros and cons of hair extensions. Now you can buy with confidence!

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