Soccer Mom Haircut

Soccer Mom Haircut

Bobs aren’t just for the typical mom—and if you’re a mom with a bob, keep rockin’ it. Short bob hairstyles can deliver a sultry look drawing all the attention to the face. Fun colors can make this short haircut have some color-shifting magic. Read more how to sport a bob if you’re a power mom, single sweetheart, or something in between. 


Bob Hair Cuts

Go for the Face Framing Bob


The bob can work wonders on accentuating the most coveted facial features. Bobs delicately surround high cheekbones and make full lips pop. Many modern looks include a dark shade of red or purple lipstick with icy blonde or ashy brown hair. Bobs even show off long necks. Women are combing simple black chokers with bobs to show off this elongated attribute. Bobs also can bring out bright eyes. Especially people with thick wavy hair, long hair can drown feminine facial characteristics. Bobs bring the focus back.


Add Some Color Accents


Bobs can maximize color-changing magic. Subtle highlights can shine through short bobs in movement and light. Because this hairstyle is surprisingly multi-faceted, you could easily hide some bold colored highlights during the day and bring them out to play for the night. Ombre is also a fantastic color choice for a bob. Dark roots creating a stark contrast with lighter ends is an interesting way to spice up a bob. No need to worry about it growing out either—it’s supposed to look out like grown-out drama. Balayage is a little harder to pull off with a really short bob because balayage really needs a long canvas to create the prime gradual color transition. Different types of bobs such as longer ones or really long ones should be paired up with this color choice.


Play with Texture


Invented by Vidal Sassoon, bobs are traditionally styled sleek. The modern different types of bobs are great hairstyles to add texture to though just like the Vanessa Hudgens style bob. Wavy hair is becoming increasingly more popular with short hair. The longer parts on the front of the bob make excellent waves that give off an easy, beach-like feel.


Incredibly Versatile


The laissez-faire looks of short bob hairstyles make them perfect for on-the-go looks. Bobs are also becoming more and more popular in very chic fashion. Celebrities are pairing the textured Vanessa Hudgens Style bob with red-carpet-worthy gowns. Bobs also make for interesting up-dos. Pinning short tendrils up in the back is a subtle yet sophisticated way to add some elegance to any style.


The Lob


Not convinced to do the extreme? There are longer versions of the bob. Quite fittingly these hairstyles are called lobs. Lobs barely brush the shoulders but add the same structure a bob does to a face. When styled straight and slightly curled under, lobs create breezy looks that let the neck and face area breathe.


Elite | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Part) by Ellen Wille


To Bob or Not to Bob


Everyone should at least try short hair once in their life—and not just because you’re a mom. Younger celebrities are bringing this short hairstyle back to what it originally was meant to do—to add sex appeal and empower modern women. So, if you already have this haircut—great job; it’s totally in style. If you’re considering shaking things up with your look, bobs might be the solution to keep the style, add some intrigue, and bring back a classic look with a modern twist. 

If you're not ready to commit to a bob haircut, our selection of bob wigs can provide a temporary solution. We have both synthetic hair bob wigs and human hair bob wigs in a variety of textures and colors, so you can find your perfect look. Shop today! 


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