Strong Is The New Pretty

Strong Is The New Pretty

Our clients inspire us everyday, and they are the reason why we do what we do. This week, we are featuring three empowering women who have shared their journey with us on our Facebook Testimonial Page.


Neoldina P.

Alopecia Success Stories |

"Wigs are amazing. I became a Flight Nurse about 3 years ago and wearing a helmet on calls made it impossible to cover up my alopecia with topical fibers like I used to do in the hospital unit. I struggled with confidence and looking professional until my husband suggested I shave my head and buy a wig. I never looked back!! has enabled me to look fun or professional and the wigs are INCREDIBLY realistic and comfortable! I am not ashamed of my alopecia but have embraced the fun and ease of wearing wigs in my so busy life. I work out, put my "clean hair" on and I'm out the door. Also there are no cuts, coloring and time intensive expensive maintenance to worry about! It's the best, I tell you. Thank you for excellent customer service and your quality products! (I am wearing "Cascade" by Ellen Wille in this photo, it also looks gorgeous down)" 


Sharon M.

Hairstyles |

"I am a professional musician and often have to be on stage directing choirs and playing piano for other choirs. When I saw a video of one of my concerts, which clearly featured my bald spots, I knew that I needed to do something. I had gone through three skin cancer surgeries, and my hair would not grow on my scars. I tried wigs from several different sites, but none suited my needs. Finally, I discovered Raquel Welch short styles (Winner and Sparkle). I felt like a new woman! My friends all ask me if I got a new haircut, color, etc. No one can believe that I wear wigs. Love my new look!" 


Katie M.

Hair Loss Stories

"In my late teens I began losing my hair. When it became too much to bear, I proceeded to go to various doctors (six total), none of whom knew why my hair was falling out. I used hair products to try and make my hair look thicker, but those only damaged my hair and made it worse. My hair loss controlled me, and it was a daily struggle dealing with my dwindling self esteem. It wasn’t until about six years ago that I finally found a great doctor who diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease; this explained my years of hair loss as well as other issues. My good friend who wears wigs suggested a few years ago that I do the same. I was worried wearing a wig would look silly and obvious, but it has been quite the opposite. Wigs have changed my life in a wonderful way. I am more confident, feel beautiful, and I can change my look so easily...which I love! I’m 38 now and my hair will likely never grow back, but that doesn’t bother me really. I am so thankful to have discovered wearing wigs can be so fun and life changing!"


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