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Similar Wig Styles | Ft. Jon Renau's Top Sellers

In theory, there is nothing wrong with brand loyalty. It’s a marketing term that describes when a customer has a strong preference towards one brand's product.

You might have been loyal to a specific wig brand for years and years. Now, though, something has changed. Maybe you want something different in terms of wig construction or color varieties.

We searched through all our wigs to find you the best similar styles for your favorite Jon Renau look.

Ignite by Jon Renau

Ignite by Jon Renau

You probably recognize this saucy number. This sleek bob is made with a basic cap, a lace front, and heat-defiant synthetic. 

Alternative Styles


Muse by Raquel Welch - This wig has the same style and look as Ignite, but has a 100% hand-tied monofilament top.
Java by Ellen Wille - Java is a short bob but includes a bold side bang.
Shane by Rene of Paris - Shane allows you to try your look in a fun color, like Pastel Rainbow or Plumberry Jam.
Emery by Noriko - This Noriko wig is ridiculously comfortable, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Take Louise’s word: “Love this wig! This wig surpasses Jon Renau's Ignite. The cut and fit are so comfortable.”

Zara by Jon Renau

Zara is a beautiful Jon Renau wig that goes to great lengths. It’s made with pre-styled synthetic hair and has a SmartLace front.

Alternative Styles


Scene Stealer by Raquel Welch - If you’d prefer long layers in a heat-friendly synthetic, this Raquel Welch is for you.
Glamour Mono by Ellen Wille - Glamour is made to accommodate those with sensitive scalps. If you need a bit more breathability in a cap, go Glamour.
Lennox by Rene of Paris - Like the previous entry, go with the Rene of Paris option for the funky cool colors!
Robin by Noriko - If you don’t want to cut bangs into your Jon Renau wig, Robin already has a beautiful wispy bang.

Mila by Jon Renau

Mila is an on-trend shoulder-length wig with easy loose waves. This wig is synthetic and has a SmartLace front.

Alternative Styles

Simmer by Raquel Welch - Mila is made of typical synthetic fiber, while Simmer is made from Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic.
Touch by Ellen Wille - If you’ve begun to wonder if your Mila wig is too big, Touch is a similar look available in a Petite size.
Evanna by Rene of Paris - This wig comes in a color named Melted Ocean. Need I say more?
Soft and Subtle by Gabor - If your Mila wig leaves you seeking a more custom fit, this Gabor wig has velvet-lined ear tabs and adjusters at the nape.

Rachel by Jon Renau

This Jon Renau offering has high-quality features like a hand-tied stretch cap, a SmartLace front, and a multi-directional parting monofilament cap.

Alternative Styles

Longing for Long by Raquel Welch - While this Raquel Welch wig is also made with synthetic fiber, it’s made with Raquel Welch’s unique Vibralite Fiber, which is still ready-to-wear but looks and feels just like natural hair.
Arrow by Ellen Wille - Follow your arrow to this Ellen Wille wig because it looks and feels just like the Rachel wig but is at a lower price point.
Ensley by Rene of Paris - You might find yourself needing to retire your Rachel wig. If you’d rather replace it with a more affordable option, meet Ensley.
Runway Waves by Gabor - This Gabor wig is made with stretch material in the cap to get the most custom fit.

If you try out one of our suggested dupes, be sure to share your experience with your fellow wig-wearers in our forum!

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