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Synthetic Hair Wigs Can Give Women With Alopecia A Natural-Looking Alternative

With a good synthetic wig, alopecia sufferers can get some much-needed self-esteem and confidence. Studies show a shift in self-esteem when dealing with chronic illnesses like Alopecia. You don't have to be ashamed or have nightmares about wig shopping. Many great synthetic wigs are available in today's market that look just as natural as a human hair option. 

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is a medical condition that causes hair loss. It's a condition where the immune system attacks the hair follicles in the scalp, causing hair loss or baldness. This condition affects millions of people around the world. It can be caused by many factors, such as:

  • -- Genetics, such as an inherited gene
  • -- Stress
  • -- Autoimmune diseases
  • -- Chemotherapy for cancer
  • -- Diet, insufficient vitamins or minerals
  • -- Childbirth
  • -- Side effects of medication
  • -- And many other reasons

Alopecia Hair Loss

According to the statistics, over 6 million people are affected by Alopecia annually. Women are more likely than men to develop this condition and it usually starts at age 20 and ends at age 50. The most common types of Alopecia are:

  1. Alopecia Areata - when there are patches of no hair on the scalp
  2. Alopecia Totalis - when there's no hair anywhere on the scalp
  3. Alopecia Universalis - when there's no hair anywhere on the body
Alopecia Hair

    Do I really need a full head of hair?

    For many women, the answer is a definite "yes." Hair loss can be emotionally devastating, especially when it affects your ability to maintain a professional appearance. Now, thanks to alternative hair, you don't have to lose your confidence just because you're losing your hair. As an alternative to wigs made with real human hair, you can now find synthetic hair wigs that are affordable and stylish. Synthetic hair wigs allow people who suffer from alopecia or other types of baldness to hold onto their sense of style while still keeping their health in mind. You may even be able to get a discount on your insurance if you wear one of these wigs. 

    The most common wigs for women with Alopecia are lace front wigs and monofilament wigs but other synthetic hair wigs can be bought at

    Wigs for Alopecia

    Synthetic Wigs for Alopecia

    Synthetic wigs can benefit patients who have lost their hair due to Alopecia. The synthetic hair wig is designed to look like real hair and helps conceal the fact that the wearer has lost their natural hair. Synthetic wigs are available in various colors and styles and offer women with Alopecia a natural-looking alternative instead of wearing a traditional headscarf. 

    Wearing a synthetic wig can give alopecia patients confidence during stressful or uncomfortable social situations. A synthetic wig is a great option for women with Alopecia that want to avoid wearing scarves or hats in public. Wearing a synthetic wig is also beneficial because it is easy to care for and maintain. Many synthetic wigs can be combed, curled, straightened, blow-dried, and styled like real human hair. Synthetic wigs clean easily by washing them with mild shampoo and warm water. Patients with Alopecia can wear the synthetic wig every day as if it was their own natural hair.

    Synthetic Wigs for Alopecia

    Style: Sarah by Jon Renau in color 12FS8

    You don’t have to have alopecia to wear wigs

    There is no rule that says you can wear a wig only in the case of Alopecia. Wearing a wig is a personal choice, and you can wear it for many reasons. To replace your own hair, hide thinning hair, or just have fun with it. You have many choices when buying a synthetic hair wig. Your preference will depend on your budget, your style, and your needs. 

    Lace Front Wig for Alopecia

    Style: Kaylee by Jon Renau in color FS17/101S18

    If you’re a woman facing an issue like alopecia, having the self-assurance to wear your hair in public can be a harder step than you think. Thankfully, synthetic hair wigs might provide the natural-looking option that some women are looking for. It can allow them to get out into the world and smile again.

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    Jon Renau is my all time Fav wigs.. They look so natural, and easy to wear. After having Covid last year, I lost approx 70% of my natural hair. I wear Jon Renau with pride and pleasure, as these wigs are so beautifully created, and they look and feel natural, the most important of any wig experience.

    Karen Tindall

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