Take a Peek Behind the Scenes on our Wigs.com Photo Shoots

Take a Peek Behind the Scenes on our Wigs.com Photo Shoots

Wigs.com puts in so much effort to bring you beautiful images of the wigs, hair pieces, and hair extensions we have to offer. We do this because we know it is tough to buy hair online... especially when all you have are a couple of pictures of one style and color on which to base your decision.

Wigs.com Behind The Scenes

Years ago, we decided to give you a much better shopping experience by giving you a look at different angles or perhaps color and looks you can achieve with one wig.  



Our production team is dedicated to giving you the best view of each product so you can feel more comfortable about what you are buying. The wigs and hairpieces on our site can make such a difference in the way you look and feel. We want to shine a light on the beauty in each piece.


Human Hair Wigs


We do style them to show you options but we never cut the hair or style as we want you to see exactly what you are getting. Sometimes the manufacturers may cut or alter the hair to get the best look on the model they are using but this is not necessarily helpful to the customer...So we give you the straight up truth. Now, we do style them in many different ways, but these styles can usually be achieved by you at home. (Okay, some of the gorgeous braids are super hard for me to recreate...but they can be done!)


Human Hair Wigs


We hope you can appreciate all we do to bring you the best views of each wig before you invest time and money in the ordering process.  We want to make them beautiful so you get to see how beautiful you can be and feel in them.  We hope you love what we do... we do!


Short Wigs by Raquel Welch


Are you surprised to see how we shoot our images? What would you like to see in our images in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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