The Best of Envy Wigs

The Best of Envy Wigs

Envy: a brand esteemed for its gorgeous pieces and comfortable design.

The Envy brand was founded by Alan Eaton. Eaton started his career in hair salons before creating wigs. Near the beginning of his journey, he says, “I realized that the one fashion statement most envied was a woman’s hair.”
From this statement, it’s not hard to infer where the name for the brand came from. Originally, he released pieces under his own eponymous brand but in 2005, he rebranded as Envy.
As he worked, Eaton had a close friend suffer medical treatments that caused hair loss. Her experience taught him the importance of wigs that are not only beautiful but comfortable as well.
Envy. There’s a certain power behind such a name. The connotations behind the word bring to mind luxuries and beauty and, of course, jealousy. Who doesn’t want to make everyone green with envy?
Speaking of green, Envy is a company that aims to minimize its effects on the planet with eco-friendly choices such as eco-friendly packaging and marketing materials. Envy helps every woman look their best without harming the planet.

Learn more about Alan, Envy's Designer. 


Alan Eaton says he hopes his wigs will have all eyes on you. Are you up to the challenge? Check out our favorite Envy wigs!

Paige Petite

Paige Petite by Envy
Let’s start with an Envy best-seller. Paige Petite is a modernized pageboy style that flatters just about every face shape. The long wispy bang keeps this look cute and feminine.
Alexis G. bought the Paige Petite for her mother going through breast cancer treatments. Alexis was impressed with how this wig made her mother look just like her old self. “Please give this wig a try. You will not be disappointed.”


Brianna by Envy
Meet Brianna! This lace front wig has loose waterfall curls and a long soft bang. You won’t have to worry about these curls falling flat. This synthetic fiber keeps its shape, no matter the weather. If you’re looking for length (17 inches!) that will make everyone envious, this is for you.

This beautiful style has a soft long fringe that compliments almost every face shape. Brianna is the perfect piece to achieve the trendy curtain bangs look! 


Tandi by Envy
If you’ve been struggling with the synthetic or human hair decision, stop stressing. Tandi is the best of both worlds as a human hair and synthetic blend. This classic blunt bob is also made with EnvyHair, Envy’s name for its heat-friendly fiber. So grab the heat styling tools!
Customer DJ F is a Tandi fan. “So versatile and natural-looking. I love the combination synthetic/human hair blend. It really makes a difference in comfort and presentation.”


Carly by Envy
To describe this wig in one word, I’d go with flirty. Carley is a soft bob with razored edges and a feminine side bang. The monofilament cap is comfortable, while also providing parting versatility and a natural-looking hair line.


Alyssa by Envy
Alyssa may be last on this list, but not in our hearts. This wig is a short style with edgy and fun shaggy layers. Spiky or soft, she does it all. One customer describes Alyssa as “out of the box adorable!” Alyssa also comes in a petite size!

Have you decided to turn to the envious side? Let us know in the comments what wig on this list makes you green with envy!

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