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The Perfect Wig for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is the most magical day of your life - and easily one of the most stressful ones too. Aside from hiring all the vendors and finding the perfect dress, you have to also decide on your wedding day hairstyle.
It’s a lot of pressure on a hairstyle. Your wedding day is the one day you truly need your hair to knock it out of the park. After all, it’s going to live in photographs forever!
If you’re a wig wearer, you have unique stress. You aren’t just deciding on a style but on an entire hairpiece. Will a wig in your current collection make the cut? Do your nuptials require a new wig? If you need a new wig, where do you even start to choose?
Deep breath, my dear bride! I’ve been where you are and I am here to help. We got this.


Hayden by Amore in Honey-Brown-R


Before picking a wig, consider the look you want that day. The quickest of glances at any Pinterest board tells you that the trend of romantic curls is still going strong. If you’re dreaming of cascading waves, you need a wig with some length.
If you’d rather have your hair up on your big day, a long wig is still probably your best option. Longer tresses give you more styling versatility, no matter if you go updo or down.
Since your day will be a whirlwind all caught on camera, I’d recommend a lace front wig for that picture-perfect hairline. Likewise, go for a 100% hand-tied wig for the most natural-looking part.
You have enough on your plate, so I don’t expect you to scour through our hundreds of wig options. To make this decision easier, We’ve narrowed it down to the top 6 best wigs for wowing on your wedding day!

Synthetic or Heat-Defiant Wigs


Down Time by Raquel Welch

Down Time by Raquel Welch
This long and lush wig is hand-knotted and has a lace-front that allows for off-the-face styling. Down Time is made from Raquel Welch’s Vibralite synthetic fiber so the romantic waves you see here stay even after washing!

Robin by Noriko

Robin by Noriko
Robin is a sleek straight wig with graduated layers to create beautiful and natural movement. This synthetic wig keeps its style and is perfect for a gorgeous updo.

Ariana by Jon Renau

Ariana by Jon Renau
Go the distance with Ariana! This synthetic wig falls to the mid-back when worn. The SmartLace front gives you the optimal base for an updo.

Human Hair Wigs


Blake by Jon Renau

Blake by Jon Renau
Blake is a dreamy wig made with 100% Remy human hair. It can be styled up or curled for fairy-tale waves.

Obession by Ellen Wille

Obsession by Ellen Wille
You might find yourself Obsessed with this Ellen Wille wig, thanks to its luxurious length and temple-to-temple lace front. It has a monofilament cap that creates volume and allows for multi-directional parting.

Glamour and More by Raquel Welch

Glamour and More by Raquel Welch
This glamorous wig is the longest one offered by Raquel Welch! It’s made with a Pinnacle cap, which means it has Silicone Coated Stretch Mesh and strategically placed Silicone Strips to give the secure fit you want on your wedding day.

By the way, once the wedding photos are in, why not share them with everyone in our wig community? See you there!


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