Best Blonde Wigs For You!

Best Blonde Wigs For You!

Looking for a blonde lace front wig and wanting to find the perfect blonde for you? Who isn't? Everyone seems to be going blonde lately! The great news is...Anyone can be a blonde. 

Best Blonde Wigs

It is not a question of can you pull off wearing a blonde wig...but which blonde color is right for you! You no longer have to wonder if blondes have more fun...We actually don’t know the answer...but it is definitely fun to find the blonde color that you can rock!


Human Hair Blonde Wig by Ellen Wille


Blonde wigs are highly sought after because chemically dying hair is pretty tough on your bio hair! So, having that perfect blonde without the damage to your bio hair is one of the reasons blonde wigs are so popular.


Blonde Wig by Gabor Sweet Talk


Choosing a blonde wig can be overwhelming. There are lots of shades of blonde to choose from! Here is a simple rule of thumb to help you target the right group of blondes for you:

If your skin tone is one with more yellows or olive in it, you are considered a warm skin tone. You may be better choosing a cool blonde color to offset and compliment your coloring.

If your skin tone has a pinker undertone or you are a cooler skin tone, your best results maybe with more golden blonde colors.

Warm blondes tend to work well with cool skin tone. Cool blonde colors tend to work best with warmer skin tones.  This will help simplify your search for a blonde wig.



Platinum Blonde Wig


If you have talked yourself out of blonde thinking you cannot carry off a blonde color well… Think again! Rest assured, there is a blonde for you! Blond wigs are also the perfect way to test out which color suits you best if you are thinking of taking the plunge and dying your hair! Try before you buy that blonde color you are considering! If you are looking for your everyday hair, you can get a lighter blonde wig for summer and go a little richer and deeper blonde for the fall. You have the freedom with wigs!

So when choosing a blonde wig have fun and be confident that you can be a blonde that definitely has the most fun!


Are you a warm or cool skin tone? What's your favorite brand for blondes? Tell us below!  



I am a cool skin tone. I have been wearing red wigs. I now have an Estetica rooted sparkling champagne wig that I really like.


Hi Lydia,

We understand picking the right color can seem overwhelming! Not to worry; we are here to help! We would recommend a virtual consultation. This free premier service we now offer will help us better serve your needs! We know shopping online and determining color can be challenging-you would be the perfect candidate for a virtual consultation. Virtual consultations allow you to do a one-on-one zoom with one of our experts. This allows us to show you how to measure, review styles and color options, and answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in this, let us know, and we will gladly set up a time to meet with you. You may also book online by using the link below:

We hope this was helpful and look forward to meeting you for a virtual consultation!
The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I’m really confused now. This information is the opposite of what I’ve been reading about warm and cool undertones and the blondes that look best with them.

Lydia Strickland

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