Trimming Wigs

Trimming Wigs

You buy a wig online and you are so excited to put it on for the first time, and then the minute you have it adjusted on your head, one of two things happen. The wig is either exactly what you want... or it isn’t. I have run into this problem on several occasions when ordering online. Whether the bangs are too long or the layers just aren't sitting right, a little trim can sometimes make a huge difference!


Trimming Shears


Whether you are getting ready for a date or just tired of how your current wig looks, trimming it up for the first time can seem incredibly intimidating. But, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some simple steps and a few tricks to get your wig looking just how you want!


Comb The Wig!

Combing your wig thoroughly using a wide tooth comb or pick will remove any tangles or knots so that everything will lay straight before you start trimming away.  Remember to start combing from the bottom and work your way up! We love the Hair Trix Wide Tooth Comb by Beautimark.


Hair Trix Wide Tooth Wig Comb

BeautiMark Wide Tooth Wig Comb



Understand what you are trying to achieve. Place your wig on whoever will be wearing it before you start trimming. If you try to trim your wig while not wearing it you could trim it too short; and unfortunately, wig hair can’t and won’t grow back if you mess up. (Also... gluing it back together won’t work either).

How To Remove Excess Bulk:

If you just want to remove excess bulk off the wig so the hair lays flatter, try some thinning shears. Place the thinning shears right up against the base of the wig before cutting so you won't leave stubble everywhere. 

Trimming Bangs:

Trim the bangs of the wig by pulling them down straight and cutting them like you would real hair. And always leave a margin for error. Much like cutting real hair, it is really easy to make a mistake, so leaving it a bit longer will make it easier to achieve the closest result to what you invision. 

Less is More!

Just trim a little at a time, if you rush the haircut you could end up with an unwearable wig. This is not a short process, so be sure that you allow for time to get this done. 

Remember... if you are unsure about trimming your wig, don’t!

Take the wig to a stylist, and they can help you cut and style your wig if you aren’t ready to take up the scissors.


Please note*: Our guest writers share their opinions and experiences and we appreciate them! We DO NOT recommend trimming your wigs. 


Have you ever trimmed one of your wigs?

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Hi I purchased Kim and love it.
I have seen the lace trimmed with Pinking Shears, very nervous to try it ??
Wanted to pull some of my Bio hair out in front but the length of the lace doesn’t allow for that.
What would you recommend?

Thank you,
Mrs. Hampshire

Mrs. Kevin Hampshire

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