Using Dry Shampoo

Using Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is not a recent beauty product, having been used since the 1960’s, but it has recently gained a lot of popularity. The main reason for the boost in dry shampoo sales is its versatility. Dry shampoo is used for a variety of different reasons and is used in varying methods - proving that it just might be the hair lifesaver you were looking for.


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Dry shampoo comes in two different forms, aerosol spray or dry powder in a shake bottle. Both serve the same purpose. Both are used to wash hair without the hassle of a shower. Where shampoo uses soaps, and often sulfates to lather and remove dirt and oil from hair and scalp, dry shampoo instead absorbs the oil.

Why Should I Use Dry Shampoo?

Most hair critics and stylist agree that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. Washing your hair with harsh chemicals, such as the ones found in sulfate and paraben shampoos, will not only dry out your hair, but they can also irritate your scalp, fade color, and even dull natural colored hair if used too often. Using a dry shampoo to extend the time between washes will significantly improve the health of your hair. Though this is the main reason for the invention of the dry shampoo, its amazing qualities don’t end there. 


Dry Shampoo Life Hacks


  1. Let’s say you wake up late and need to get to work. Your hair is half matted to the side of your face while the other side is shining like an oil slick. Maybe you don’t have time for a shower and restyle. Using dry shampoo is a quick and easy way to style your hair when you need to get out the door in a hurry
  2. If you are a nature enthusiast, you will know the fantastic power of dry shampoo. Whether it's a week at a festival in a tent or backpacking through Europe, water isn’t always easy to come by. Dry shampoo can get you through those long weeks camping deep in the woods, or in the desert.
  3. Let's say you have been trying a new look sported on twitter. The only problem is you’ve attempted it three times now to no avail. Now, your hair is coated with excess product and frizzed to the max from constant brushing and teasing. Giving a quick spray of dry shampoo can get your hair back to a fresh start to try again.
  4. The most common reason that women use dry shampoo, besides removing oil, is for the voluminous look it can add to even the thinnest hair. Many women choose to add a touch of dry shampoo to their daily styling routine because it adds lift that won't flatten as the day goes on.
  5. The last tip that can change your outlook on dry shampoo comes straight from stylist chairs. Adding dry shampoo to a lock of hair before pinning or clipping it in the hair increases its ability to hold longer and more securely. Just spray, or dust, a small amount of dry shampoo. Wait a few seconds for it to do its work, then lightly brush or run your fingers through it. Add a pin or clip after this trick and you won't have to worry about it coming out of place no matter how many hair-flips you do.


What's your go-to use for dry shampoo?

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