Can You Wear a Wig While Going Gray?

December 1st, 2023

Absolutely! Wearing a wig while going gray is a personal choice, and there's no reason why you can't use a wig to change or enhance your hairstyle during the natural graying process. Whether you want to test the waters of what you will look like with gray hair, or don't have the patience to wait for the gray to fully grow in, many women wear a gray wig in a similar style to their natural hair to speed up the transition and/or make sure going gray is the best decision for them.
Some Things to consider:
  • Choosing the right style

    Wearing a wig allows you to experiment with different styles, lengths, and colors without permanently changing your natural hair. This can be especially fun if you're going through the gradual process of going gray and want to mix things up. Most women stick with a style that closely resembles their biological hair, but if you’ve always wanted to experiment with another style, this would be a fun time to do so. Need help? Reach out to our Hair Experts on our Client Care Team to schedule a complimentary virtual consultation.  
  • Confidence Boost

    Some individuals find that wearing a wig boosts their confidence, whether they're dealing with hair loss, thinning hair, or just want to try a new look. It can be a way to express your personal style and feel good about your appearance, especially during a time grow out phase that may draw unwanted attention. Instead, attract attention that will surely solicit compliments with a new wig!
  • Test before you commit

    If you're unsure about embracing your natural gray hair permanently, wearing a wig can be a temporary solution. It allows you to try different looks until you decide how you want to handle your changing hair color.
  • Protective Styling

    Wearing a wig can also protect your natural hair from environmental factors, heat styling, and other potential sources of damage. Without excessive heat styling, your bio hair will stay healthier!
Ultimately, the decision to wear a wig while going gray is entirely up to you and your personal preferences. Some people embrace their gray hair with pride, while others prefer to cover it up or experiment with different styles. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your choice.