What accessories do you need to wear a wig?

april 25, 2023

Making your first wig purchase can be daunting with so many variables to consider. Are you team synthetic or human hair? Maybe you want a mono top or a lace front? And let's not forget length! But have you thought about accessories that are essential to your wig wearing journey? Not to worry, we’ve curated a list of must-have wig accessories to keep your locks in tip-top shape.


Shampoo & Conditioner

Detangling Spray

Essential for synthetics to keep the frizz down and safely detangle without causing tension on the fiber, we recommend BeautiMark’s Smooth Detangler along with a wide tooth comb before and after every wear.

Wide Tooth Comb / Wig Brush

Regular hair brushes and combs can cause synthetic fiber to frizz faster and can damage the cap of your wig, especially on delicate hand-tied areas. Using a wide tooth comb is the safest way to detangle. Jon Renau’s Paddle Brush is specifically designed to reduce tension, especially when you’re blow drying your human hair wig.

Wig Stand

Whether you need a place to dry or store your hair, all wig-wearers need a wig stand. Most are collapsible so that they’re easily transportable and won’t take up much space when you’re not using them.

Wig Care Kit

It’s usually easiest to buy a care kit when you’re first starting out because it’ll have most everything you need to wash and style your wig, including a wig stand! BeautiMark offers both kit options for synthetic hair care and human hair care.

Block Head + T-Pins + Wig Clamp

If you’re diving into the world of heat friendly synthetic or human hair wigs, there will be plenty of heat styling in your future, which means you’ll need the right tools to work on those tresses. Our canvas block head kit has everything you need to keep your wig safe and steady.

Wig Liner/Cap

What you wear under your wig can make a big difference in how it fits and feels! If you have bio hair, wearing a nylon or mesh wig liner over your hair will help keep it tightly tucked under your wig. If you don’t have hair, cotton and bamboo wig liners are often the most comfortable against your skin, especially if you have a sensitive scalp.


Wig Tape/Adhesive

For added security, consider wig tapes or a roll-on liquid adhesive like It Stays. Be sure to choose your tape based on where you’ll be placing it– for example, Red Walker Tape is made specifically for polyurethane and Blue Walker Tape is made specifically for lace.

Sleep Cap

When it’s time to give your head a rest, bamboo caps like The Softie by Jon Renau are a great alternative to a wig. Super soft and naturally hypoallergenic/antimicrobial, they adjust to your temperature depending on whether your head is feeling warm or cool. There are lots of stylish options for bamboo headwear too, from wraps to beanies in a whole range of colors and prints. 

Hot Tools

Blow dryers, flat irons and curling rods are all a must if you’ll be heat-styling your wig. When it comes to brands, stick to those that are ceramic and salon grade which will cause less heat damage to your do. Be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines for temperature use, especially for heat-friendly synthetics, so hot tools with digital temperature settings are ideal.

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