What are Glueless Wigs?

What are Glueless Wigs?

Glueless wigs do not require glue or adhesive to stay attached to the head. Usually, a glueless wig is either a lace front or full lace wig. In addition, these wigs often come with clips or an adjustable band attached to the monofilament cap so that the wearer can forgo the use of harsh adhesives. 

Why a Glueless Wig? 

Many people opt for a glueless wig because wearing an adhesive on their scalp for an extended period can irritate their scalp and hair follicles. Double-sided tape and wig glue affect your hair and scalp underneath the wig over time. Not only does it cause an itchy and red scalp, but it can contribute to blocked pores that disrupt hair follicles' growth. You’ll want to avoid hair glue for your wigs if you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, as it will only contribute to the problem. Glue can also be messy, hard to use, and straight-up uncomfortable. 

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It’s also important to remember that gluing is not healthy for the hair, especially if you have a sensitive scalp. Pulling or tugging on hair to tame the edges can cause traction alopecia. In addition, tight hairstyles or too much hair friction can lead to breakage and hair follicle damage. To avoid this, we recommend protecting the scalp with a wig cap

How Do You Install a Glueless Wig? 

Glueless wigs are easy to apply and can be worn in several ways. Most glueless wigs come with pre-existing adjustable bands or clips inside the monofilament cap. However, depending on your comfort level and need to customize, you can also purchase glueless wigs that come without these attachments, or you can just remove the adjustable band and add your clip, comb, or band to your liking.

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You can purchase a velvet wig grip and a wig cap if you aren’t securing the wig via attached bands or clips. Some wig wearers even go for a bald cap and wig grip for a more seamless look. Once you have the wig secured on, wear it as is or spruce up the lace front, depending on your vibe. 

Some users spray down the lace front around the hairline with hairspray and then rub the material down with the metal part of a rattail comb for a very blendable hairline. 

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Lace front wigs are only attached at the front edges of the head and are easy to apply once you’ve narrowed down your preferred method. Full lace wigs are also easy to use and tend to be lighter than other wigs with laces made of a different material. However, a wig cap is recommended for full lace wigs so that the material doesn’t irritate your scalp and it’s secure enough.  Since full lace wigs have a full base made of lace, you can style the wig any way you prefer and part it any way you’d like. 

No matter what wig you choose, the key to looking your best is confidence and comfort.  If you need some help picking out a glueless wig that’s right for you, check out Wigs.com.


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