What is a Lace Front Cap Wig?

What is a Lace Front Cap Wig?

We have all seen someone wearing a wig that looks painfully unrealistic. Just last night, I was binge-watching a TV show (that will remain nameless to protect the innocent) and one character had on the worst wig I have ever seen. The character was a millionaire socialite of sorts, so the blonde unrealistic wig stuck out like a sore thumb.

Dog in Blonde Wig

In one scene, she bowed her head, and the skin in the part of her hair was several shades different from her face. In the front, the hairline was blunt and obvious.

Lace Front Wig Caps - How Do They Work?

Why am I talking about my Netflix habits, exactly? I just want to emphasize the importance of a natural-looking wig. When sifting through features of wigs, keep an eye out for a lace front cap wig. It’s the gold standard, so to speak, so the product description will be sure to point it out. When you see a hairpiece labeled as a “lace front,” why is that so important? The lace front keeps your wig looking natural.

How can a little piece of lace do that? It’s all in the flesh-color and mesh transparency. Picture a fishnet stocking, for example. Your skin shows through. The idea is the same with a lace front. When your skin shows through, it gives the illusion that the hair is growing right from your scalp!

To put it simply, a lace front wig is a game-changer. A blunt edge or a seam at your hairline can a dead giveaway. Without a lace front, you are not given as much freedom to style hair away from the face. Today, most wigs are ready-to-wear lace fronts, which is even more convenient. Originally, lace front wigs came with extended lace that each individual would cut to their desired hairline. Ready-to-wear lace gives you that natural hairline straight out of the box!

Lace front cap wigs do come with a higher price tag, but with good reason. A lace front is the most natural wig you can buy. Not to mention, it’s also one of the most comfortable! Lace allows for airflow, keeping your head cool. Remember: lace is impressive, but it is also delicate. Treat your lace front with care to keep your wig and hairline looking its absolute best.

Check out these customer favorites to see just how realistic they are!

Ignite Wig by Jon Renau

This short angled bob is sassy and sweet. Ignite by Jon Renau keeps it versatile with its heat-friendly fiber and SmartLace cap. The SmartLace gives you a beautiful natural hairline and allows for off-the-face styling.

Code Mono by Ellen Wile

This wig will make you look like a superstar! The long layers of Code Mono by Ellen Wille are textured at the ends to look like you just stepped away from a flat iron. This synthetic wig has a temple-to-temple lace front that is 100% hand tied so you can be confident in the look of your hairline and part.

Scarlett by Jon Renau

Scarlett Wig | Curly Blonde Lace Front Wig

Scarlett by Jon Renau

I don’t blame you if you fall in love with this style! Scarlett by Jon Renau is a chic shoulder-length style with easy waves. The SmartLace front of this wig is undetectable, even when the hair is pulled away from the face.

Are you a front lace fan? What do you love about them? Tell us in the comments!

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