What Makes Raquel Welch Wigs So Fabulous?

MAY 18, 2023

It’s All in the Details

When it comes to Raquel Welch wigs, everything from the designer cap to the hand-finished hairline, to the hand-blended color, is meticulously studied and perfected so that when you put it on all you see is fabulous hair. They truly thought of everything!

“Since I started the Raquel Welch Wig Collection, I’ve witnessed enormous advances in technology that have allowed for countless improvements in the coloring, fibers, construction and wear-ability of our wig products…which means that they are lighter, more natural looking and more user friendly than ever before.”

Color is the most important aspect when selecting a wig and if you’re shopping online, it might be the hardest! Breaking down the Raquel Welch® Wig Collection color you’ll not only feel more confident selecting a color but know that the unique blend and treatment will allow you to go with a slightly different color and still make it work, but how?

The Unique Fiber

The fiber used in a wig will determine color and tone. Heat-friendly fiber tends to lean on the warmer side but with Raquel Welch wigs, you can choose from an array of fibers and tones. The exclusive Vibralite and Tru2Life fibers are proprietary blends of the best synthetic fibers. The denier, or thickness of each hair strand is unique and every color, even those that appear to be a solid tone are all created with 7-11 shades. These hand-blended colors create depth and believability and pick up on tones within your own hair, skin tone, and complexion.

Raquel Welch Wig Collection Color - Class of its Own

Color is the first thing you check when you open the box, and it MUST be right! The Raquel Welch® Wig Collection pulled out all the stops when it comes to color. As with all trends, Raquel colors evolve and change with time. To understand the vast assortment of colors, let's break them down by category and code.


Color is the first thing you check when you open the box, and it MUST be right! The Raquel Welch® Wig Collection pulled out all the stops when it comes to color. As with all trends, Raquel colors evolve and change with time. To understand the vast assortment of colors, let's break them down by category and code.




Brunettes range from numbers 1-14. 1 is Jet Black and 14 lightest brown.




Blondes can range from numbers 16-25 and jump to higher numbers like 88 and 613 -16 is between a Medium to dark blonde and 613 a platinum blonde.




Raquel is known for her reds, and they range from numbers 27-33 -27 representing a light auburn and 33 a dark auburn.




Grays can range from numbers 38-60 and jump to higher numbers like 101, 119, 388 and 511.

Being able to see what the number represents and know for a fact it is a blonde or brunette is really helpful. As a reminder, each color is hand-blended and has multiple shades to add depth and dimension. If your hair color is a mix of colors, check out our Color Code Cheat Sheet below to understand what color the base or dominant color is and how much of the highlight you will have.

Color Code Cheat Sheet


R- R at the beginning of a color is the brand code, i.e., Raquel


RL- RL at the beginning of a color is a fiber code, i.e., Raquel Luminous which is Heat-Friendly


H - H at the end of a color code stands for Highlights. Highlighted colors are predominately the darker shade. The first number in the code is the base or dominant color and the second number is the highlight which is approx. 30% of the overall color.


T- T at the end of the color means it’s tipped. Tipped colors are predominantly the lighter shade. A dark and light color are evenly blended and then about 1”-2” of the ends are just the lighter color.

"/" or "-"

/ or - When you see a forward slash or dash in between two numbers and there is no letter at the end, the colors are evenly blended.


SS - Shadow shade colors have an SS at the beginning or end. These letters mean there will be a darker root. This adds depth to the base and does make the color look more natural. If your hair is naturally darker and you want to try a much lighter shade, the root makes it easier and believable to change it up.


S+- The S+ colors are spotlight shades. Think of having a spotlight on you, what areas of your hair would be lighter? That’s right! The front bang area and some layers around the face. The sides and back have less highlights and are darker.


G - G colors are gradient and are typically seen in the grey color family. Lighter on the top and around the face and gradually get darker toward the nape. Just like our own hair goes grey naturally.


HH - HH colors are level shades and are 100% human hair. These level shades are lifted, and color is not redeposited making them perfect to professionally color. As with all human hair, it is not recommended to bleach or lighten but you can take a lighter color and add a darker color to it or tone it.


Cool vs Warm

Warm colors include gold, yellow, red, and orange tones, and undertones.

Cool colors include gray, ash, violet, and greenish tones and undertones.

Think sunset colors for warm and a winter forest for cool. If you’re not sure what tone to pick or which will be the most flattering, use these little tricks to find out.

What color is best for you?

If your veins are blue or purple, stick with cool tones. If they’re green, you have warmer undertones so choose a warm color. There are some colors that are considered neutral and do not lean toward ash or warm. Honey blondes and deeper browns usually feel more neutral. Neutral colors work with any skin tone.
Cool Tone
Warm Tone

Hair Fiber

Synthetic Fiber

Exclusive to HairUWear, Kanekalon Vibralite® simulates protein rich hair for a natural look and feel. All multi-dimensional blends reflect the latest coloring techniques being used in top salons around the country. Synthetic hair will have the most color options and more on trend color treatments. If you have a very specific or unique hair color, human hair may be ideal as it can be colored to match.

Human Hair

When you look at natural hair color levels, they are different than wig levels or color numbers. A level 10 in your own hair color scale is the lightest blonde, with wigs a 10 is typically a medium brown. To make human hair hairpieces match anyone, The Raquel Welch® Wig Collection has human hair level shades that range from 1HH-10HH. These level shades are lifted to the tone they are, and color is not redeposited making them the perfect foundation to professionally deposit color or color treat.

Why Raquel Welch Wigs?

Whether it’s color, cut, or cap construction, The Raquel Welch® Wig Collection is all about the details- and the color assortment really shows that. From the lighter lace front highlight on rooted wigs, to the hand blended 7-11 shades that pick-up tones and hues to match your own, you’re sure to not only find the right shade but the shade of your dreams.

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