How To Tighten A Wig With Straps

How To Tighten A Wig With Straps

How To Tighten a Wig With Straps

Do wigs tend to feel too tight or too loose on your head? Do you just not have enough time to use wig tape, glue, or other adhesive materials? Adjustable straps are a great solution! Most wigs come with straps that are designed to help you snugly fit your new wig to the unique shape of your head. And the whole process takes less than five minutes! Check out these simple tips for correctly (and comfortably) using the adjusters on your wig!

How To Tighten Elastic Band On A Wig

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Before putting on your wig, look at the interior of your wig cap. You’ll notice Velcro adjuster straps, usually one will be located directly above the nape of the wig. The “nape” refers to the back of your neck (right where the back of your hair starts!).

Where you will ultimately place the adjusters depends on you and what makes the particular shape of your head feel comfortable. Some people have a narrow or flat head, while others have a longer neck. These and other factors will determine where the adjusters should be tightened. If you do need to tighten or loosen the adjusters, you may find that the placement of the straps changes drastically. Don’t worry! As long as the adjusters are hooked with enough Velcro to keep a secure hold, you’re doing the right thing.

Make Your Wig Fit Comfortably

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Depending on the elasticity of the adjusters on your wig, you can potentially adjust your cap size up to two inches! To tighten your wig, simply:

● Use the Velcro to adjust the wig. We love that many of our wigs have the Velcro adjuster featuring as it makes tightening and loosening a wig simple and fast!

● Adjust the wig half an inch at a time. You don’t want to stretch out the band on your cap by attempting to yank a too-tight wig onto your head! Try on the wig each time you adjust the straps half an inch. In general, you should only use the innermost slots if you know you have a very small head size—otherwise, you’re probably making the wig too tight (not to mention irritating your scalp)!

● Make sure the cap size still has some give. Most quality wigs are designed to be breathable. Your scalp (and any biological hair) will suffer with the long-term use of a tight wig.

If your wig is too tight and you haven’t hooked the Velcro, you may have a cap size that's too small. Our wigs come in various sizes from petite, petite/average, average and large so it's possible that you need to go up a size. The same holds true if your wig is too loose despite being adjusted tightly. 

The best way to make sure you have the perfect wig size, follow the wig measurement guide and purchase your wigs accordingly! 

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Hi Judy,

We understand your issue with finding a wig but know we carry petite and petite/average wigs. Both would fit using the adjustable straps if you are petite or petite/average. Below is a link with styles we offer in both petite and petite/average caps:


Our experts would also love the opportunity to assist you and find the right piece for you! To schedule a (free) consultation with one of our experts, click on the link below:


We hope this was helpful!

The Wig Experts

It’s easy to buy wigs in the proper size if you are a size average or perhaps large but there are very few on your site in petite/average. At least not styles that I’m looking for. As a result, I purchased an average which is OK, but the smaller size would have been better for me. I hope you can offer petite women more choice going forward.


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