Why Having Wig Options is a Good Idea

Why Having Wig Options is a Good Idea

Your wig collection is similar to your wardrobe. You want to keep something on hand for all occasions. For formal events, you need a dress or a nice pair of slacks. If you want to workout, you’ll need some leggings. Some days, you just want to laze around the house so sweats are in order.
You want the same kind of styling options with your wigs. So what does the ideal “wig closet” contain? Well, it depends on a few factors.
Consider your lifestyle. What kind of time do you have to spend on styling and maintaining your wig? If you’re a hair prodigy and have mastered every style, you’ll want a human hair wig or heat-friendly synthetic wig so you can switch up your look.
On the other hand, are you just really busy? Maybe you’re in a high-powered career that keeps you on the go? Or are you a parent who has no time for yourself? Do you need something you can roll out of bed and throw on? A pre-styled synthetic wig that keeps its look through washing and wearing is what you need.
 Kaia by Jon Renau
Also, consider what you do in your typical day. Sitting the majority of your day at a desk allows you to wear basically any wig. You can style a human hair wig every day to your liking, or you can opt for synthetic wig for its ease.
However, if you spend hours at the gym or outdoors, you might want to stick to synthetic wigs for those activities. Synthetic fibers won’t lose their style in windy conditions. For the gym, you’ll want synthetic because they tend to lighter than human hair. A basic and capless cap will be the most breathable as you sweat.


If do decide you have a preference towards one type of wig over the other, that doesn’t mean you should keep the other type out of your collection. If your lifestyle meshes best with synthetic, you should still have a human hair wig or two on hand. As mentioned before, a human hair wig is amazing for special occasions, thanks to its styling versatility.

Oh, and versatility! If you prefer to stay consistent with your own on-brand look, that still doesn’t mean you should only have one wig. You can have several wigs in the same shade and style family. For example, you can have three brunette wigs in a long bob style. You can have two synthetic wigs, for exercise or no-fuss styling. Your third wig can be human hair saved for date nights and parties!
On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t have one “look,” this is where wigs really suit you! Your collection can have every length, style, and color you desire so you can have any look you want, any day!

How many wigs do you like to keep on hand? What type of wigs do you prefer for different activities? If you’d like, drop a comment below! You can also discuss it with fellow wig-wearers on our Wigs.com forum!

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