Why Our Wig Experts Recommend Blow Drying Human Hair Wigs

Why Our Wig Experts Recommend Blow Drying Human Hair Wigs

There's nothing like the feel, styling versatility, and comfort of human hair. However, human hair wigs are an investment. Proper wig care and maintenance are crucial to ensure that you can extend the life of your alternative hair. One step that we often see foregone by our clients is blowdrying. Blowdrying human hair wigs is essential to lock in moisture after washing. Because the hair is processed and colored before making a wig, the hair often gets dry. So, you'll need to add as much moisture back to the style to keep it looking its best.
Blow Drying a Human Hair Wig


Of course, you can't blow dry a wig without washing it. If you're unsure of how to wash a human hair wig properly, watch our video below!


Now that your wig is clean, it's time to blowdry. We recommend letting the wig air dry about 50% of the way before picking up your hairdryer. Once your wig is half dry, you'll want to get the next 50% dry with a round brush.


Jon Renau Bristle Brush

Do not grab just any round brush. We recommend not choosing any round brush with epoxy balls on the ends of the bristles for wigs. Those soft little balls are intended to prevent the bristles from hurting your scalp while brushing. Those little beads can damage the luxury cap construction of your wig if misused. To safely blow dry your human hair wigs, we recommend Jon Renau's Round Brush!

You have a half-dry wig, a safe round brush, and a blow dryer. Now what? Now we begin!

    1. Secure your wig to your canvas blockhead. Avoiding any lace or monofilament materials, use T-pins to ensure your style is secure on your styling head.
    2. Using a clean towel, lightly dab the wig to soak up any excess water before beginning.
    3. Next, spray BeautiMark's 3-in-1 Miracle Protect all over your wig, avoiding the roots. This spray will help add moisture back to your style while detangling and acting as a heat-protectant all at the same time!
    4. Using a wide-tooth comb, gently detangle the wig, starting at the ends and working your way to the top. Be cautious around the delicate cap materials.
    5. Now, using your wide tooth comb, part the hair in the direction you prefer.
    6. If desired, apply a blow dry balm for extra heat protection.
    7. Section the hair into easy-to-manage pieces.
    8. Set your dryer to medium heat. Using high heat can quickly dry out your fibers.
    9. If you have an air concentrator attachment, add it to your hairdryer now. Then, starting with one section, dry the hair with a round brush and dryer. Brush and dry in a downward direction from roots to ends. Drying the hair in the opposite direction will create flyaways.
      1. Not sure how to use a round brush on human hair wigs? Read more in our blog here!
    10. Once the section is dry, go over it with the "cool shot" button on your dryer.
    11. Continue with the other sections until the wig is dry.

These steps may seem time-intensive, but it is a simple process that becomes easier with practice! We highly recommend blowdrying your human hair wigs after every wash to ensure the best styling results. Remember, human hair wigs are an investment, and you want to protect them!

Do you have any special tips and tricks for blow drying a human hair wig? Share your wisdom in the comments!

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