Wig Buyers Guide | How To Put On A Wig

How To Put On A Wig | Wig Buyers Guide

When putting on a wig, it depends on what type of wig you are wearing. Some synthetic wigs just need to shook and fluffed right out of the box, while lace front wigs require a more delicate process. First, you'll need to prepare for the wig, usually with a wig cap.

If you have long hair underneath, tucking it into the cap and dispersing evenly, so the wig will lay right, is a must. You can use small braids, bobby pins, or hair spray to do this. 

How To Put A Wig On The Right Way

Wigs.com's essential guide answers all those common wig questions – even seemingly simple ones such as ‘How do I put on and wear a wig?’ To those who have been wearing wigs for a while, that question may be easy to answer. But for those who are new to wigs or for the first-time wig wearer, we understand that the answer may not be so black and white.

Watch our 'How To Put On a Wig' video and get a helpful tutorial with tips and tricks for keeping your wig secure, comfortable and looking great.

You'll learn how to wear a wig if you have long hair...

The best accessory options to wear under your wig...

And how to be sure your wig is worn correctly...

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