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Wig Colors Explained

Have you ever seen the shelves of hair dye at a beauty store? The hair color choices usually have an entire wall dedicated to them. There are so many hair color varieties, and looking at all that dye can be overwhelming. As a new wig-wearer, you may feel something similar while browsing for a wig color online, especially when some wigs come in as many as 40 different color options. Whether you are searching for your first wig or exploring a different style, the Experts at are here to help!

Wigs Colors & You!

Many wig wearers prefer to pick a hue closest to their natural hair color. After all, this is a shade that they are most comfortable with and have a lifetime of experience seeing this color in the mirror. To find your hair color match, you’ll need to learn how to read wig color codes.

Alternative hair colors follow a different numbering system than the traditional hair dye colors. The wig industry developed a unique system of numbers to define colors. All wig manufacturers follow these codes, then create their own special blends and use letters and symbols as a key to explain these unique colors.

  • - Black: 1, 1B
  • - Brown: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
  • - Blonde: 14, 16, 17, 18, 22, 24, 26
  • - Red: 27, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 130, 131, 132, 134
    • -- Natural reds range from 27 to 33
    • -- Vibrant reds range from 130 to 134
  • - Grey: 34, 36, 38, 39, 44, 48, 51, 54, 56, 59, 60 and 92
  • - Platinum: 101, 102, 104 and 613
    • -- 613 is a golden platinum that’s the perfect balance between blonde and platinum.

Wig Colors

The letters in the hair color tell you how colors (numbers) are combined to create the tone, tint, and blend of a wig's color. Each brand page on uses the letter indications in different ways. For instance, in Raquel Welch Wigs colors, a rooted shade will be indicated by an SS in the color name such as RL12/22SS, while Jon Renau will indicate a rooted shade with an S such as 14/26S10. 

Here's a little introduction on how to read and understand the color code examples above. For RL12/22SS, let's start at the beginning. The RL is unique to Raquel Welch Wigs and how they blend their colors, but these letters do not affect the color tone. Then, we have 12, which is a light brown. The / (slash) indicates that the color is evenly blended. The 22 is a platinum blonde. And, as stated above, the SS indicates that this color has a shadow shade or more commonly known as a root color. So, the RL12/22SS color code can be described as a light brown evenly blended with platinum blonde with a darker root. For more information on how to read color codes, watch the video below.

Even though these hair color codes are universal among wig manufacturers, you have to remember that the hair colors will appear different to every single person. One person's idea of light brown may be different from another's idea of light brown. Additionally, hair shades can be hard to judge when shopping online as everyone has a different computer, phone screen, or lighting settings.

We know that choosing a hair color can be difficult, which is why we provide you with our Client Care Team free of charge! Our Wig Experts are an experienced, resourceful, and trusted team ready to help you with any color questions you may have. Ask them anything, including more explanation about the color codes or just about choosing a color.  Book a free virtual consultation today!

Wig and hair toppers consultations

Hair Color Matching for Hair Toppers

If you are searching for a hair topper, color matching is of the utmost importance. A wig covers the entire head, so the wig color is not directly compared to your natural hair color. Whereas a topper only covers part of the head, and your biological hair will be seen. If the topper's color doesn't blend in with the biological hair color, your hairpiece may look unnatural.  

Remember, the color match doesn't have to be exact. It's normal for the hair to graduate and for the top of your hair to be a bit darker and the bottom to be a bit lighter. For a more seamless blend, it helps when the length of your topper is even with the length of your natural hair. Tip: take your hair topper to your hairstylist for a trim to blend in with your biological hair.

At, we offer a Color Ring Program where you can purchase a professional color ring of small color swatches from your preferred brand. Once you've chosen your color, send the ring back and receive full credit for the ring towards your next order! Of course, you are always welcome to keep the color ring. 

Wig and hair topper colors can be challenging, but with a bit of education, you'll be a color expert in no time. Are you still confused about color? Book a virtual consultation with one of our Client Care Representatives to determine your perfect color match!


Hi Betty!

Our experts are happy to help you find your perfect match. Before we can assist you with recommendations, we do need to find your wig size. Below is a link to a video on how to measure your head:


Our experts can also walk you through this and more via zoom with our virtual consultation option. Below is a link to set up a virtual consultation:


The Wig Experts

Hi Crystal,

Jon Renau doesn’t have a color 40/30/33a; however, they do have a color FS4/33/30a. Below is a clickable link to toppers that offer that color:


The Wig Experts

I was told my wig color and topper color is 40/30/33a. the wig is lace front and made by Jon renau. I am struggling to find this cor combo. can you help?

Crystal coll

I am interested in purchasing a not too expensive wig. I am losing some hair on top and in front around my face. I am completely white headed and have been wearing short haircuts.. I have a couple of friends who have wigs that look good and they didn’t spend hundreds of dollars, so I am looking for one at a decent price.. I am 82 years old and have worn shorter hair styles for several years, but, now, it is very short – just had it cut last week. Would have to order it from out of town and have it shipped to me. Would like to have help in deciding which should order. Would appreciate your help. Thank you, Betty Robertson’

Betty Robertson

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