Wig Reviews: Changing The Way We Shop!

Wig Reviews: Changing The Way We Shop!

Shopping online makes life so easy…But can you always trust what you see online is what you'll get? That's the question so many of us have when shopping online. There are so many advantages to online shopping that it makes is almost impossible to refuse and in the end it is absolutely worth it!

Short Blonde Pixie Wig

But what helps us ensure we're getting exactly what we want? Reviews!


Reviews are helpful to anyone shopping online, especially when shopping for wigs...Wig reviews are crucial! There's nothing better than other clients who have first-hand experience with the wig we are interested in can and tell us about it in their review...that changes everything! It helps instill trust and confidence in what we're buying.


This is why Wigs.com is asking...No...pleading for you to leave reviews on every wig you buy. It is so important to help others in there buying journey! Unfortunately, many people don't trust the product descriptions on the product pages from any company quite as much as they do from an actual person who has the products. You can make a big difference here for someone!


The benefit in shopping for wigs online is that the selection is amazing. You get to choose from all of the best options of wigs that simply can't be contained in one store. With plenty of wig reviews on the item you are interested in, you will get a great sense of what you are buying. Wig reviews help everyone.


It is super important for you to leave a review too!  It's kind of a pay it forward gesture in helping others choose correctly from the start! And if you can include a photo in your review... bonus!  This is a huge help for others. It does take a couple of minutes out of your busy life to leave a wig review… But it can make all the difference in the world to someone who greatly needs to get it right the first time!


wig reviews online


Read all wig reviews @ Wigs.com!

Do you review your wigs you buy? Why or why not? Tell us below!


Hi Jennifer!

Wow, thank you so much for this amazing review! We’re thrilled to hear that Antonia has been such a fantastic help to you on your wig journey. It’s wonderful to know that our quality, prices, and customer service have made a difference for you.

We truly appreciate your trust and support, and we’re excited to continue helping you find the perfect wigs in the future.

Thanks again for your kind words, and have a fabulous day!

The Wig Experts

I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge my appreciation to this company and Antonia!!! She's become my "Go To" hair gal and has earned my trust, respect, and all future business along with friends/family! Don't waste any more time looking at other places to order your hair, this is the BEST Quality your going to find out there and at the BEST price point! Antonia and Wigs.com has been my saving grace as I navigate through my wig wearing journey for many reasons, keeping this short I want to say to all you reading these reviews, LOOK NO FURTHER you will NOT Regret ordering through this company and if you don't like something about it you can easily make the exchange for another piece and very quickly too! I can go on and on about Antonia, Wigs.com, Jon Renau but I feel this is exactly what I was looking for in 2020 when I begin my wig journey and was able to get the help/support through them to help me figure out the best piece and color for me.

Thank you SO MUCH for making this journey as easy and stress free as possible!


Hi Karen,

Thank you for sharing your experience and your feedback. We see you have posted several reviews in the last few weeks and none of them had pictures attached. If you can email us those photos, we will happily add them! Please make sure you let us know which review it is for.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I wrote a review several weeks ago, which included 2 photos. I just went to the specific wig site to look at my review again and was surprised that neither photo showed on the review. Since I mentioned the fact that I was posting photos in my review, it doesn’t make sense to the reader. What’s going on and now I can’t find any way to edit it.


Hi Sherry,

We apologize that reviews aren’t showing on the home page as they were before. But, we have good news you can still view them! You can see pictures of clients and their reviews by clicking on the link below or going to the wig you are interested in and the reviews of that piece (with client pictures) will be at the bottom of that page:


Thank you for your feedback. We hope this was helpful!

Best regards,

The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

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