Wigs for Kids | Hairdo Launches KIDZ Wigs Line!

Wigs for Kids | Hairdo Launches KIDZ Wigs Line!

Wigs for Kids

When many people think about wigs, they assume that the one wearing or using the wig is either an actor, or an adult in general. However, for some, the introduction to the world of wigs comes much, much earlier.

Wigs For Children With Hair Loss

For many years, the daughter of a good friend of mine has been living with alopecia. Unfortunately, until recently, there haven't been very many options for children with hair loss – and the options that are available are often expensive. It's also hard to find good quality wigs that will hold up to a child continuing to live as they would normally. And even if those weren’t problems, many of the smallest wigs, are not compatible with a child’s sized head.

However, there is some great news coming out of the wig world from Hairdo: KIDZ Wigs! This line of child sized wigs are the size “ultra-petite;” which is a 20 ½ inch circumference. Women with very small head sizes can also fit this wig, so it is not necessarily just for kids. Here are some of the features we love:

  • All the Kidz Wigs have velvet-lined ear tabs that make is very soft and comfortable for children to wear.
  • These wigs also have resilient stretch material throughout the cap base for a custom-like fit. So no need worry about wigs being scratchy or hot, as they are breathable and perfect to wear by any child of every activity level.
  • There are three styles being offered at the launch of this collection, each one offering something a bit different to allow any child to express themselves!


Pretty in Page

Wigs for kids

This wig I like to call the universal starter wig. Pretty in Page can be taken to a stylist to be cut to flatter any child, boy or girl. This wig has a monofilament crown for a natural contour. Has a front velvet rim to prevent friction. It’s short and lightweight without looking too mature for a child to wear.

Pretty in Layers

Kid's Wigs

For any child looking for the Disney Princess look, this wig is perfect. This wig has a monofilament top for low density, natural movement, and styling flexibility. It’s silky smooth and it feels like natural hair, perfect to be styled in any way, up or down. How cute!

Pretty in Fabulous

Wigs for kids with hairloss

For children who are looking for something simple and sweet, Pretty in Fabulous is for them. This wig is no muss, no fuss, while still framing the face beautifully. Pretty in fabulous also has a monofilament crown and a front velvet rim to prevent friction, making is cozy and comfy all day!


Each of these children's wigs are versatile and style-able in several ways in order to give every child the confidence to continue to live their life as they did before the hair loss. 


Do you know a child with hair loss that would love one of these new Kidz Wigs? Let us know in the comments!

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