Wigs To Sleep In

Can You Sleep In A Wig?

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I fall asleep - no matter what precautions I take - I wake up to a serious case of bedhead. From weird curls coming straight out of the side of my head, to cowlicks going in fifteen different directions, my hair is never ready right when I wake up! It takes water, conditioner, a big brush and patience every morning for it to actually turn into something before I am ready to venture out into the world. 


Wigs To Sleep In


When I was looking into my reflection in the mirror this morning, I began thinking about whether people with wigs have similar problems to me - or if they could even sleep in wigs in the first place. After looking into it and talking with some professionals, I have found a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to sleeping in your wig.


Wigs to Wear to Bed

For many people with hair loss, wearing a wig is like a security blanket, especially if you are living with someone. Though sleeping in wigs isn’t ideal, it can be done! The most important variable in regards to whether or not sleeping in your wig is going to destroy the wig is how much you move around in your sleep. If you are a log and don’t move, you may not notice as much wear and tear as soon as those - like myself - who tend to thrash in their sleep.

It also depends on how often you are going to be sleeping in a wig. If it’s only every so often, you are probably not going to notice much damage, but if this is an everyday occurrence, I can’t promise it won’t be easily damaged. Sleeping in wigs does take its toll on the hair and fibers; however, there are ways to do it that are safe and workable.

  • First, many women find it beneficial to have a designated “sleep wig.” This may add more to you nighttime/morning routines, but it will keep your human hair wigs nice longer and you don’t have to worry about the state it is in in the morning because you have a separate wig to wear out for the day.
  • Secondly, if you are going to be sleeping in a wig on a regular basis, there are two things you can do in order to try to keep your hair from getting too knotted or damaged.
    • Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase. The material of these in comparison to a cotton pillowcase is that satin and silk causes hair to “slide” so if you do move around, your hair simply slides with you and it isn’t caught - or stuck - to the heavier cotton fibers.
    • Others who wear wigs to sleep have found that bonding their wigs to their head with glue/tape when they go to sleep keeps the wig in place and helps to keep the cap from stretching or moving too much overnight. It also is a good idea if you are wearing a wig to sleep that if it is medium length to long - or really long enough be in a ponytail - to braid the hair or put it in a loose ponytail to keep the hair better contained and to help make it last.



Sleeping in Wigs


Though none of these are instant protection or will keep the hair completely safe, they will keep the hair nicer, longer! Regardless, whether you are wearing the wig overnight for comfort or simply accidentally, the best thing you can do is maintain a regular wash and care system and rotate wigs as often as you can to keep them nice, fresh, and comfortable.

 Do you sleep in your wigs?

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