You’re Worth It: Setra Stevenson's Story 

May 24th, 2023

Setra Stevenson

Making Connections

Have you ever experienced an instant connection with someone you only just met? That's what our CEO, Carliz Sotelo Moore, felt when she crossed paths with Setra Stevenson at her kiosk in a busy Texas mall. From the moment Carliz laid eyes on Setra's t-shirt that proclaimed "I am Worth It," she felt an irresistible pull towards her. Their initial conversation confirmed Carliz's intuition as they quickly discovered an unbreakable bond between them. Setra began opening up about her journey with alopecia and the empowering business she created. The phrase "I am Worth It" originated from a personal journey of self-discovery.
Setra Stevenson with the team

"I am Worth It"

Its mission is to encourage and empower individuals to recognize their own unique value, irrespective of challenges or adversity. Inspiring all to embrace their self-worth and live a fulfilling life. What started as a personal motto grew into a powerful movement that includes a book, talk show, clothing line, magazine, and mentoring services. Carliz was so moved by Setra's bravery and determination that she invited her to join our Inspiring Women series at our company headquarters. 

Sharing an Inspiring Story



Setra arrived at our headquarters with a mix of nerves and excitement, ready to share her powerful story of living with alopecia. As she began to speak, her heartfelt words left everyone breathless and completely captivated. With unwavering support from the team, Setra felt like she was amongst friends and her message left a lasting impact on everyone present. Her story of resilience and self-discovery will inspire and resonate with those who hear it for years to come. Setra's brave words remind us all of the power of speaking our truth, no matter how vulnerable it may feel. Get ready to be inspired by Setra's story of strength, resilience, and unyielding positivity!