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Get Zendaya's Curls With a Curly Wig!

Zendaya has very suddenly become a household name. From starting out as a Disney Channel star, to churning out multiple blockbuster films, Zendaya has already made her mark on Hollywood.

But she isn’t just an actress! Most people find her inspiring as a person. She is blunt, honest, and an activist for everyone. Meaning that she truly cares about people and hopes that one day everyone will be afforded the same opportunities and chances to live their life to the fullest. Zendaya is also a style icon. From her size inclusive fashion line - Daya by Zendaya - to her honesty about what she does to get that perfect Instagram shot, her fans love her honesty!

Beautiful Curly Wig



Get the Hair: Jamilla Plus by Ellen Wille

So how does Zendaya achieve that look? Must to the surprise of many fans, she doesn’t always have a huge team of people fixing her hair and painting her face, because she can do much of that herself; at a surprisingly professional level. Zendaya has proven (over the course of her press journeys in the recent months) that she has quite a talented hand when it comes to doing her makeup. From working on Covergirl campaigns to shooting videos for teen magazines, her skills are impressive to fans and professional makeup artists alike.

How To Get Zendaya Makeup

However, this is not to say she never has help. As she is the first to admit that being pampered is one of the most wonderful things on days she is attending important events. Zendaya has showed the world several classic looks that showcase her true beauty. One of her most iconic looks is her bronzy look that she typically does for award shows. With a few easy steps, you can recreate this look for yourself.

  1. Start with a clean face. Clean, product free skin is the only way to start a makeup routine :)

  2. Moisturize! Though you probably use a primer under your makeup, you should always be sure to not skip the moisturization step. Primer does not typically completely substitute a lotion.

  3. Now we apply primer. Not much, just a little around the areas you have enlarged pores. Using an oil-free pore filler primer is perfect for this.

  4. Eyes first! As my mother said it best, the eyes are the New York of your face. They should be sparkly and bright and always the first thing you notice. Depending on your coloring, find three copper/brown shades - one warm copper for all over the lid, one deep brown for your crease, and one iridescent glitter to pop in your inner corner. If you are so inclined, you can swap out the brown for a rich mahogany.

  5. Eyeliner is not the highlight of this look. A thin line of carbon black close to your lash line and below your lower lash line is perfect.

  6. Mascara is key - especially if you aren’t a fan of false lashes. A coat of your favorite volumizing mascara is all you will need for this look. *but you can always add a lash if you are so inclined. ;)

  7. Eyebrows: keep them natural. Fill them in if you wish, but Zendaya is a fan of the natural arch.

  8. The rest of the face is simple. A simple bronzy contour paired with a brightening highlight under the eyes, adds a perfect summer glow in these cold winter months. Finish off your face with a finishing powder.

  9. You are almost there! Take that same iridescent color you put in your inner corner and use either your ring finger or your favorite highlight brush to apply it to the following areas: under the brow, tip of your nose, cupid’s bow, and the high points of your cheeks.

  10. To finish off your look, all you need is a nude or rose color lip gloss to add a bit of shine to your lips.


Ellen Wille Palette

The Eyebrow Makeup Palette by Ellen Wille can help you achieve Zendaya's classic look.


Zendaya is a classic beauty. Her looks are simple but dramatic. Bold, yet intimate. They are achievable by all and rocked by many. Zendaya has always been someone to look up to and someone to aspire to be. With this look, let it inspire you to be as bold, blunt, and strong as Zendaya. The makeup may not make the person, but a beautiful face never hurt anyone!

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