New Feature: Zonos

New Feature: Zonos

Shipping to

To our International customers, thank you for shopping at! We know there are a lot of alternative hair options available to you, so we are very grateful that you’re shopping with us. 

There’s so many benefits to shopping at including...

  • The Wig Experts - our Client Care Representatives are focused on helping you find the perfect, new style for you. With years of hands-on experience, we know these Reps will be able to find a style that matches your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. 
  • Fast Shipping - Over 70% of our orders ship the same day. We do everything we can to help you receive your orders as soon as possible: even when you’re 1,000 miles - or even oceans - away!
  • Top Rated Products & Services - We strive to make your online shopping experience as hassle-free as possible. We are constantly evolving so that we can bring you not only the highest quality products but also the highest quality service that you’ll receive from any online alternative hair site! 

In an effort to make your shopping experience with even easier, our international customers are now able to pay for their country’s duty & tax import fees at the point of purchase – instead of at the point of delivery. 

Once you get to the shipping portion of the checkout process, you will see that your shipping option says “Duty & Tax Included.” A breakdown of the taxes is included, and the additional fees will be automatically added to your order total. This new feature will ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery of your order! 

Shipping for Wigs

Please Note: Canadian customers will have different shipping options than what is featured above

We have big things in store for this year, so be on the lookout for even more features that’ll make your shopping experience that much easier.


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