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Collection: Which Hair Wig is the Best?

6 facts to decide which hair wig is best for you. A Human Hair Wig is thought to be the best because human hair wigs are the most natural when it comes to the feeling of the hair and the movement of the hair wig. However, a synthetic hair wig does have its advantages. There are pros and cons to both. Compare and decide for yourself which hair wig is the best for you:

  • Human hair wigs look, move, and feel most natural
  • Synthetic hair wigs are lighter weight and the colors more vibrant
  • You can and must style your human hair wig just like your own bio hair
  • The style and curl pattern is baked in to the synthetic hair wig so you don’t have to style!
  • The cost of a human hair wig is around 3-4 times the cost of synthetic hair but last at least twice as long
  • Synthetic hair is super affordable and budget friendly.
  • So when deciding which hair wig is best for you, count the time and money you have to dedicate to buying and styling your wig. There are hundreds of great quality choices on wigs.com and even more information to help you choose which wig is right for you!

100% Human Hair Lace Front wigs are always the best in class. Nothing provides a more natural hairline than a lace front wig. Human Hair Lace Front is the best of both worlds. You get a look and feel that is undetectable as a wig. It looks like you were born with it. The prices range from around $200 all the way up to $2000+ so you can see they are pricey, but a great human hair lace front wig, if you take good care of it, can last you and you will look great every step of the way.