Kim's Story

Kim (right) wearing easiPart HD 8" Synthetic Topper by Jon Renau

“In 2003 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and later found out that my disease was caused by Hashimoto disease.”

Hashimoto disease (or Hashimoto thyroiditis) is an autoimmune disease that results in decreased production of hormones and function of the thyroid. With this disease, as well as any other autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks itself instead of germs. Hashimoto disease is the name given when a person’s body actually attacks the thyroid gland, mistaking it for a virus. Kim has just been diagnosed with this specific disease about a year ago and has since made some lifestyle changes to accommodate.

“Luckily, I have been a vegetarian for the past 28 years, which has benefited me with this disease. Hair loss, feeling tired and body aches are things I deal with as a result of Hashimoto. I take vitamin D3, B-12 to help my immune system. Today products that are gluten and GMO free are easily found in the grocery. Gluten and goitrogens are the worst foods to have in your diet if you have Hashimoto disease.

The hair loss that results from this disease can be due to a variety of reasons including poor circulation, thyroid medications, low ferritin, nutrient deficiencies, and the hair follicles, themselves being attacked.

“As a result of this disorder I developed gradual hair loss progressively in the front and sides later diagnosed as Alopecia. The years leading up to recently I was good at hiding the rapidly thinning areas by styling my hair in a short cut and adding blonde highlights to camouflage the thinning areas. But at the age of 62 and now having gone through Menopause, it has gotten worse and I can no longer get away with my camouflage tricks. Also, my hair goes through a cycle, where it gets very thin and then a regrowth.

I tried wearing wigs for several years in the beginning but struggled with them shifting and itching. I tried hats of all sorts but got tired of worrying about which hat matched up with my outfit, color, style, etc. I tried getting creative with a scarf.... So, there were many years I felt desperate and despaired. After all a women’s hair is her Crowning Glory, her everything. It says so much about who she is, it empowers her and makes her feel pretty and confident.”

“Finally, I discovered something that would change my life and make me feel whole again, a little thing called “The Topper” and I love it!! The moment I first put it on I felt complete once again. It was perfect for me. Since I still had just enough hair to snap it to, I can wear my topper and it feels so natural. It blends and moves with my natural hair. It’s so fast and easy to snap on and away I go! When my friends first saw me wearing my topper, they all said, “I love your hair” and when I confessed to them that it was a topper, they were shocked. They couldn’t believe how natural it looked. I was lucky to have picked the perfect blended rooted color on my first try when ordering and the only modification I made was that I cut bangs.”

Kim recalls her first experience with a top piece, and the joy it gave her to find something that was perfect for her needs.

“The first time I tried on my topper I was amazed at how natural it felt. It gave me perfect coverage and fullness. When I’m wearing my topper, every day, I actually forget I’m wearing it. I have gotten so many compliments, from family friends and strangers. Those who know me personally, were stunned when I told them it was a topper. They all said it looked so natural!

My toppers have been a god send, they make me feel whole and complete again. I have regained my confidence in feeling good about my appearance.”

Having the option of alternative hair has helped Kim cope with the loss of her natural hair, and gives her the self-esteem she needs to enjoy her life, family, and passions.

“I am a homemaker. I quit working 17 years ago when my first grandchild was born. I took care of all 3 of my grandchildren. My youngest grandchild is 7. So now I'm truly experiencing an empty nest at 62!”

She does have someone special at home to enjoy life with, though.

“I met my husband when I was 13 and he was 16. He was my first ‘boyfriend’ We have been married 45 years. He is my best friend and soulmate. We have two daughters; our eldest Heather is a second-grade teacher and our other daughter is a pre-op nurse. They both live near us, Trophy Club and Keller.”

Kim leads a very colorful and artistic lifestyle, and has a broad spectrum of talents.

“I have many hobbies, I make jewelry, paint, photography, gardening, my garden was one of 5 featured in the Colleyville Garden Tour last May. I am a semi homebody, but do enjoy having coffee and lunch with my girlfriends. I’m also a member of the Colleyville Garden Club which meets the first Wednesday of the month.

My passion in life is helping others and paying it forward. I’m an animal lover and enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren. Being raised in New Orleans in an Italian family, Family is my priority.”

Her disease and hair loss journey has given Kim wisdom that many women can learn from and be encouraged by.

“Hair loss for a woman is devastating. In my case it was gradual and with it came sadness and stress of always trying to find ways of hiding the loss, with hats etc. 

Today I own 4 toppers all the same style and length only two are thicker. My only regret is that it took me so long to discover this little gem. I would highly recommend ‘The Topper’ to anyone with significant or progressive hair loss/ thinning due to Alopecia, Hashimoto/Hypothyroidism disease.”