Lynda's Story

"I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord." -Psalm 118:17 (KJV)

“I was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer in November 2009. My hair started coming out after my second chemo treatment. I was supposed to receive 6 treatments but since I was having problems with both my red and white counts, I was not able to receive any more chemo.

I was misdiagnosed for several months and it was hard to keep getting sicker each day and lose so much weight and not know what was going on. I had a friend that was an emergency room doctor and I knew if anyone could find out what was wrong with me, he could. I had faith in him and hope. The day I went to him he had ordered a CT scan. He told me to go get something to eat and when I got back, he will have the results in.

When I got back and entered the room and it was very quiet. Dr Hammond said, I have good news and I have bad news. My heart skipped a beat then I heard this. He said, ‘The bad news is you have cancer, the good news is I have already found you a doctor.’ He took my husband to the hall and told him that my case was very advanced and to have me get my things in order. My husband never told me this until I was all well or I probably would have given up hope and not fought so hard.”

 Lynda tells of the emotional strain that cancer caused for her and her husband.

The first year was very hard for me. My white and red counts were very low for about 4 years and it was hard to be around people because I could get sicker. It was hard on my husband Pete, he was my caregiver and at times it was overwhelming for him.

The positivity and light she radiates offers amazing encouragement and inspiration.

I had miracle after miracle during my journey. Once, I was in the hospital to drain the fluid from lungs and tummy. First thing in morning, a nurse came in and said, ‘Mrs. Martinez I am here to give you a shot of heparin for your blood clot.’ I told him, ‘You’re not giving me anything until I talk to my doctor. I was told I was here to drain fluid.’ I got everyone I know praying and sure enough, when my doctor came in, there was no blood clot. If I would have let them do the shot, I would have had to wait few extra days to get fluid drained.”

I never gave up hope of my healing. I knew our Heavenly Father is a God that still heals today and prayed each and every day for healing. Brother Kenneth Kelley came to my home and anointed me with oil and prayed for me, one day right after he prayed, I felt an intense heat come over me. I said, Brother Kelly I think I was just healed. All I felt was the intense heat but I claimed my healing and immediately thanked God for healing.

My red and white counts got so low, I had received 4 doses of chemo and was supposed to receive 6. I was given Neupogen shots to boost my white counts but nothing was working. I was getting discouraged but I still never gave up hope. Finally, my doctor told me ‘I am going to order a PET scan for you. Right now, I am 99 percent sure that your cancer is all gone but the test will tell us.’

This was Memorial Day weekend and I knew I probably would not get my results until Tuesday. I prayed, ‘God please give Dr. Bhoola a reason to go back to the office so he will see the results of my test.’ I got the call about noon on Friday, ‘You are completely NED - No Evidence of Cancer.’ God had come through and answered prayers once more for me! I did not have to wait over the long weekend for my results. What a mighty God we serve.

Lynda with Dr. Bhoola at Arizona Oncology

About the 3rd or 4th year after chemo, I was still having blood issues and was sent to a blood specialist. All tests showed that now I had Lymphoma. My blood clearing showed I had this horrible disease. Again, I called all the prayer warriors I knew and we started fasting and praying. The test was repeated and sure enough, no sign of this cancer! I am so grateful that God has watched over me and saw fit to keep me on this earth a little longer. Life is so precious and each and every day I wake up is a blessing to me.

I have 2 children, 5 step-children and grandchildren and now 2 greats and I realize just how precious life truly is, and how blessed each and every day I am allowed this wonderful pleasure that some take for granted.”

Lynda likes to cook and bake and have her grandchildren over to eat. She also has a unique talent that has allowed her to meet family she otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

“I love genealogy and helping others find family. I found my husband’s brother! He was from his Fathers first marriage. They did not know if it was a boy or girl and I found him 5 years before he passed away. We met him within a few days of finding him and got to meet his children, too. What a great God we serve.

I also found 2 nieces of mine…best of all, that same year I found a granddaughter I never knew about she was expecting my first great. It's like I knew her all her life! We connected right away.”

Her talents don’t end there. She has also written a book about her cancer journey and the miracles she experienced titled Hope for Tomorrow. In addition to healing and prayer, Lynda’s journey was also made brighter by an organization called Face in The Mirror.

“The first time I tried on a wig was from a great organization called ‘Face in The Mirror’, which is located at Scottsdale, Arizona. At this time, they had a lady that came to your hospital bed and would give you a wig, a hat to wear on your bald head, and also a hand and foot massage. I cannot say enough about this organization! They helped me when I needed it. I do not need a wig today as my hair has all come back, but I still wear my beautiful wigs and I never have a bad hair day with them. I now own probably 100 wigs I trade off and on and love the way I look in them.”

Lynda looks lovely in her wigs, but she also has a beautiful and kind spirit, wanting her story to be a testimony to others.  

“If you are a woman and are suffering from any bowel or stomach issues, make the doctor give you a CA 125 blood test. This will show if you have ovarian cancer right away, and it will not take months to be diagnosed like it did me.

I would like to thank God for still healing today and for a wonderful doctor. 9 years later I feel good and pretty much do what I enjoy doing. I have a little neuropathy in my feet but I am alive. I was signed up for hospice but God had other plans for me.”