In deep sorrow, we take farewell of Ellen Wille. The founder of ellen wille. With her passing, we have lost a visionary entrepreneur, a great person and anextraordinary personality. Her endless drive, her creative nature and her positive attitude to life have always been an inspiration for us. We will continue her legacy and miss her with all our hearts!

Wig Designer Ellen Wille

Parting Words

Our CEO Carliz and Ellen Wille smiling

"Ellen Wille is not just an icon in our industry, whose

relentless pursuit of perfection in her craftsmanship of wigs for women around the world she is an idol of mine personally. She lived life with passion, and loved with her soul all in! She truly “went for it “in every sense of the word, dominated as a designer, businesswoman, friend, and human. What a great void she leaves behind . I will use Ellen Wille‘s example if integrity and laser focus as a guiding light In my career. 

Thank you Ellen… You will be supremely missed"

Beauty and Hair CEO

Our CXO Alicia and Ellen Wille smiling

"It’s hard to properly express what Ellen Wille meant to me and so many others in the alternative hair industry to truly honor her legacy the way it should be.  

I looked up to her as a mentor, but even more so—I’m honored to say, she was my friend. Ellen was unwavering in her pursuit of excellence, her boundless curiosity, and innovative spirit made her a true trailblazer."

"What impressed me even more was Ellen’s humanity. She was undeniably chic, interesting, creative, well-spoken, kind, and thoughtful! She exuded elegance, both in her appearance and character. Ellen's presence will be sorely missed, yet her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come. It was a true pleasure and honor to know her. I envision her now, savoring exquisite champagne in a place beyond our reach, raising her glass in a heartfelt toast to all of us. Prost, mein Freund!"

Beauty and Hair CXO