How to Measure for Hair Toppers

STEP 1: Determine Your Area of Hair Loss

STEP 2: Measure Width & Length

Use your measuring tape to measure the width and length of the area of hair loss. To avoid irritation and additional hair loss add ¾”-1” to each of the measurements. Doing so will allow your hair topper to clip into strong hair follicles, beyond the area of hair loss, to support the clips and weight of the hair topper.

For example, if your side to side (width) is 2” and your front to back (length) measurement is 4”, you will need a base size that measures at least 4.75” x 2.75”.

STEP 3: Area Of Hair Loss + Measurements = Coverage Needed

Now that you know your measurements and area of hair loss, you know the coverage needed, which means – you can start shopping!

STEP 4: Compare Your Measurements to The Product Specifications

Once you believe you have found the perfect Hair Topper, compare the product specifications to your measurements, keeping in mind that the topper must clip into strong hair follicles. Reminder, this is ¾”-1” beyond the area of hair loss.