How To Restyle a Curly Wig

How to restyle Curly Wigs

What you'll need to Re-Style a Curly Wig:

Step-by-Step Instructions:
  1. DETANGLE - Use a wide toothed comb to detangle a section at a time starting from the end of the hair to prevent breakage. (We recommend detangling small sections for smaller curls and larger sections for bigger curls.)
  2. MIST - Lightly mist this detangled section using the Leave-In Conditioner to give a little sheen and some softness to the fiber.
  3. TWIST - Using your finger, twist the curls back in place. (Note:* - If the curl does not achieve a natural shape, try curling it again in the opposite direction.)
  4. SECTION IT OUT - Continue moving around the wig in small sections until the entire wig is
  5. KEEP IT ALL TOGETHER - You can use a hair net to keep your finished work in place.