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Meet Amalia

Amalia's been working with wigs, hair extensions, and hair pieces for 20 years and is now a part of the Tress Allure team. She's here to share her best tips and advice for how to be successful with alternative hair. Meet her below!

Wigs & Face Shape

Amalia gives her insight into how to pick a wig style to show off your best facial features!

How To Pick a Wig Color

Picking the right wig color for you can be daunting at first, but Amalia from Tress Allure is here to give her insight on how to pick the best color for you.  


How To Put on a Wig

Learn Amalia's best kept secret for the easiest way to put on a wig in the video below!


How To Care for your Wig

Proper care ensures that you can keep your styles looking natural and healthy throughout their entire life span. Learn Amalia's tips: