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2018 Hair Trends Female

2018 is full of new opportunities to shine, and what better way than to try a fresh new look? With the new year comes new trends, so before you decide on your new look, make sure that you’re up-to-date on the hottest hairstyles of the year! Here are some of the most fashion-forward styles you need to try in 2018.

Pixie Wigs, Gray Wigs

Pixie Cut Wigs

Audrey Hepburn’s iconic pixie cut is making its comeback as the hottest short style of 2018. So many celebrities are stepping onto the red carpet with this boldly chic style that it has created a huge ripple effect. Although deciding to get the major chop can be terrifying, the benefits and end results of this edgy hairstyle are worth the intimidation. With such a short wig, this style is low-maintenance and requires little styling or product use. Go sleek and slick it back or casual with a flirty messy texture, this cut can be styled to match all of your trendy outfits! Being both effortless and versatile, the pixie cut has solidified its spot as one of the hottest 2018 hairstyles to try.

Short Brown Wig by Jon Renau | Pixie Wig


Hair Scarves

Contrary to popular belief, scarves aren’t just for your neck. They are actually making their rise as one of the most popular accessories to wear in your hair! Wear them as a headband or around your ponytail or bun, they’ll surely add some flare to any hairstyle. Let your personality shine by choosing various colors and patterns that’ll match your unique style. Since the options are endless with this accessory, I’m tempted to just get one for every day of the year!

Long Human Hair Wig


Silver Hair Wigs

This new hair color trend is turning many heads, and although it’s considered an “icy” style it’s definitely going to be HOT in 2018. This look is fresh and makes a statement, and that is why all of the celebrities are joining in on the silver hair movement too. Powerful, fierce, and bold are all words associated with this trend and that is why it is only expected to get more popular in 2018. I know what you’re thinking… isn’t this pretty much grey hair? That assumption couldn’t be more wrong, this silver hair trend is much more enchantingly chic. So if you’re feeling adventurous this year, then call your hairstylist because silver hair is the perfect match for you.

Gray Wig Pixie Cut Wig by Raquel Welch


Clip In Bangs

This style is fun and flirty and is the perfect way to revamp your look this year. Fringe is in, it’s that simple. With the unique proportions and thicknesses, it creates that relaxed and casual look that everyone is loving right now. Along with leather jackets and combat boots, fringe bangs have made their comeback to create the wildly popular “rocker chic” fashion ensemble. Scared to commit? Try Clip-In Bangs like these from HairDo.

Clip on Bangs


Now let’s go into 2018 with a BANG!

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