Wig Care Tips

3 Essential Wig Care Tips

Wearing wigs is a big part of everyday life for many of our clients. This means that caring for wigs is also a big part of their routines. In this article we will go over 3 essential wig tips to keep in mind when caring for your wigs.


Consistent Wig Care Extends The Life Of Your Wig

Wigs are certainly an investment, which is why care is so important. If you take care of your wig well, you can expect it to last much longer than if it is rarely cared for. If you want your wig to last for a long time, be sure to remember these three essential tips!


Human Hair Vs. Synthetic Hair Care

The way you take care of your wig is largely dependent on what it is made of. If you have a human hair wig, you can wash it with regular shampoos and conditioner, and in general treat it like your bio hair. However, since the hair is no longer receiving nutrients from the scalp, it is essential to be extremely gentle, and avoid over-combing. Avoid combing at all if it is wet. However, when your wig is dry, be sure to comb it gently on a regular basis to prevent matting, particularly at the back of the neck. Never use synthetic wig cleaner on a human hair wig!!


Wide Tooth Wig Comb by BeautiMark

If you have a synthetic wig, you can use synthetic wig cleaners such as the BeautiMark products we offer. Some people choose to use fabric softeners, while others still prefer to use human hair conditioners. Regardless of the product you choose, gentle and sparing washing is essential. Gently comb the wig after every use to prevent matting and other damages.


Heat or No Heat

Heat friendly and heat defiant wigs are becoming increasingly more common, and with that, many wig wearers are turning to heat to style their wigs. Be sure to keep in mind, however, that frequent styling with heat can be very damaging to wigs, in the same way that it is damaging to bio hair. Use heat on low settings, and only occasionally. If you are looking for a wig with a particular style, synthetic wigs are known for retaining their style, wash after wash, so consider a styled wig for easier care.


Storing Your Wigs

Not many people sleep in their wigs, and others still have large collections of wigs so that they can wear a different wig for every day of the week. This of course, means that proper storage techniques are a wig care essential! There are a few different ways you can store your wigs. When storing your wigs for long periods of time, be sure to keep them away from direct sunlight, dust, and heat. For this reason, many people choose to store their wigs safely in a closet. This allows them to keep the wigs well out of harm’s way. 

ResQ Bag Wig Storage

Many people also choose to store synthetic wigs in their original boxes, since synthetics can hold their style. However if you have a human hair wig that you want to keep styled while stored, a wig stand or mannequin may be a good idea. Wig stands are also great for short term storage, such as overnight. Never store your wig for long period of time without washing away any styling products and brushing out any tangles or knots.

Following these easy wig essential tips will help you keep your wig in top notch condition at all times! To learn more, be sure to check out our Wig Expert educational videos and blogs!


What do you think the most essential wig care tips are? Let us know in the comments below!

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