3 Easy New Year’s Eve Hairstyles for Wigs

3 Easy New Year’s Eve Hairstyles for Wigs

Who doesn’t want to dress up their wig this Holiday season? I think we've all had those days where we've hit a creative road block and need some fresh new inspiration for special occasion styles. That's why I have 3 fabulous, easy New Year’s Eve hairstyles to get you super fab - and fast!

Halo Braid

I’m so excited to share with you this first suggestion for a super easy New Year’s Eve Hairstyle! This is one of my favorite hairstyles because I’m an absolute fan of any type of braid.


I love this trendy hairstyle braid for any special occasion! If you decide this might be something you want to try, here are a few pointers on how to style a halo braid.

  • First, braid the front in any kind of braid style you prefer. You could choose French, fishtail, or a simple braid. You may want to do a simple braid to get used to this style since it’s easier to do.
  • Then, as you are braiding toward the back of your head, you'll want to wrap the braid around your crown like a halo, pinning as you go. Don’t forget to clip the ends to give that clean, stylish look!
  • Next, you can fluff and fan the braid to give more volume to the style.

I also love to add sparkling pins to my hair to add some pizzaz. Perfect for glamming it up for a New Year’s Eve party. Or go as is!


You can also do a half-up halo braid where you only take two smaller sections of your hair and braid them back. This can make things simpler if you are having difficulty with the full version. Try them both out to see which is best suited for your style and personality!

Ribbon Braid

The ribbon braid hairstyle is very simple and adds color to your hair for New Year’s! Any braid is beautiful and elegant, but adding ribbon to play up your hairstyle can make you stand out this New Year’s!

  • Curl your hair or add volume if desired.
  • Then, tie the ribbon at the back of your nape like it’s a hairband.
  • Now, simply start to braid your hair with the ribbon acting as one of the three pieces to braid into your hair.
  • Tie off your hair with a small elastic band.

Now, you have a simple but creative hairstyle for your New Year’s Eve party! Adorable.

Hint: You can also work a ribbon into a french braid, just tie the ribbon end to a bobby pin and comb the hair over to conceal  before starting the braid.

Rolled Up Chignon

Do you want an even more simple hairstyle this New Year’s Eve? This rolled up chignon hairstyle is great for short to medium hair and those who want an easy, elegant hairstyle!


  • First, separate any face framing hair you want to leave out of the updo.
  • Next, tie the hair into a low ponytail.
  • Then, bring the end of your hair above the ponytail.
  • Pull the elastic band a little further down and start to curl your hair toward your head. It can be good to use a ponytail that’s a little loose and doesn’t pull your hair, allowing room to tuck the hair into itself.
  • It can also be handy to hold the hair with two hands as you curl it toward your head.
  • Next, pin the rolled up hair to secure the style, ensuring that the hair doesn't unroll and fall.

 You can also fluff up your hair to add a little volume to your rolled up chignon or add a few curls to the front of your face. The choice is yours to style your hair to fit your personality.

Don’t wait until next year to try out some of these fabulous, simple hairstyles! They'll make you the belle of the ball this New Year’s Eve! 


What style are you wearing to ring in the New Year? Let us know in the comments!


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