4 New Ellen Wille Styles | Hair Society Collection

4 New Ellen Wille Styles | Hair Society Collection

The Hair Society is a collection of Ellen Wille wigs that celebrate workmanship and design. These wigs were made with women experiencing hair loss in mind. They are made with lightweight density for natural movement and superior comfort.
These summer-ready Hair Society styles keep it short and sweet. Below, we have an on-trend shoulder length look and three gorgeous pixies. All are short and lightweight to beat the heat this season!



Eclat by Ellen Wille

Don’t feel bad if you’re having trouble pronouncing this one. In fact, I didn’t even know it was a word before this collection.
In case you’re curious, “eclat” means “brilliant display.” Well, a brilliant display is just one way to describe you in this breezy look. This look is so flirty, thanks to its beachy waves. With eclat, you get 10" inches of effortless “I woke up at the beach” hair.
You will beat in the heat in two different ways, though. This piece is a heat-friendly synthetic wig and can be heat styled to achieve your perfect look. If you ever get tired of the loose waves (but how could you?), you can straighten the tresses for a fierce look.
This wig comes in Petite/Average size. In addition, it has a monofilament top and an extended lace front for even more styling versatility.



Call by Ellen Wille

I could make a “call me maybe” joke here, but I’ll refrain. Just know, though, if this wig had a phone, you’d be wanting to hit it up.
What’s so special about Call? Besides a mysterious and nondescript name, Call is a sophisticated layered pixie that could not be easier to style. This synthetic wig only needs a light brushing for a sleek look or a quick handle tousle for some attitude.
Call has a double monofilament top, meaning an extra cushioning layer is added under the hair knotting, so you are always 100% comfortable. It has an extended lace front and comes in a Petite/Average cap size. 



Spa by Ellen Wille

So, I won’t tell you this wig will make you feel like you’re having a day at the spa, but it’s seriously a close competition. You will feel like a million bucks though, in this short and shaggy pixie.
This spunky shag is lightweight and almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Plus, as a spa day should be, this piece is no work and no fuss. It keeps its style even through washing.
If you’re noticing a pattern, you’d be correct. Spa is also a Petite/Average. Spa features the comfy double monofilament top and extended lace front.


Satin by Ellen Wille

Are you picturing luxurious soft satin after reading the word? Good, because then you’re halfway to envisioning how this synthetic wig feels.
Satin is my favorite wig of all the new releases, but don’t tell anyone I’m playing favorites. The shaggy layers of this look keep it so youthful and fun, and the wispy bang is super flattering for every face shape.
This wig is 100% handmade - you did read that correctly! Satin is a Petite/Average wig. What about the extended lace front? Yes, that’s included too!

Will any of these new Ellen Wille styles be making their way to your home? Tell us your thoughts on these new arrivals in the comments!

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Love the look of Eclat, but not the price tag!! That is a huge investment in something I can not touch and try before buying!


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