5 Alopecia-Friendly Wigs

5 Alopecia-Friendly Wigs

Alopecia is an autoimmune condition defined by patchy hair loss or baldness on the scalp and/or other areas of the body where hair grows. It affects nearly 7 million people in the U.S. (primarily women) and can be a lifelong disorder for some. 

Experiencing this type of hair loss can take a toll on one’s physical and emotional well-being. Depending on your diagnosis and stage of hair loss, you may want to invest in a wig for alopecia. It can help you feel a little more like yourself again. Some who are experiencing minimal hair loss will choose partial wigs or hair toppers for coverage across the part or crown of the scalp. However, for those with advanced or complete hair loss, wigs will provide full scalp coverage and don’t need to attach to any bio hair to be worn. 

With alopecia, it’s best to consider wigs that will not irritate your scalp and are comfortable to wear throughout the day. Many with alopecia opt for a glueless wig because wearing an adhesive on their scalp for an extended period can irritate their scalp and damage their hair follicles. You can even purchase a velvet wig grip or a wig cap to give you extra security. Some wig wearers even go for a cap and wig grip for a more seamless look.

Hand-tied wigs are another option as they do not incorporate hair wefts into the cap, meaning they will not irritate your scalp or pull and tug on any existing bio hair.  


Here are our top five suggestions for wigs for those with alopecia. 

 1. Stevie by Amore

Stevie by Amore will give you long, cascading layers and a feathery bang for a playful vibe that looks great on all face shapes. Subtle highlights are featured in many different colors of this wig, and they blend beautifully with the layers to create a realistic look. The double monofilament cap allows you to part this wig however you want. The synthetic fiber allows for easy styling with heat tools.


 2. Camilla by Jon Renau

Similar to Stevie, Camilla is long, measuring 18-inches from the crown. Instead of layers, Camilla gives side-swept bangs and a long, straight style, making it a sweet on-trend look. Its hand-tied monofilament top and cap as well as its light density make it perfect for keeping a cool scalp. Many of Camila’s shades are highlighted and blended perfectly. 


 3. Run Mono by Ellen Wille

A perfect wig for summer, Run Mono, is a light density, lace-front wig with a monofilament cap that allows your scalp to breathe and provides that authentic-looking part. Those who have alopecia find that this simple, easy-to-wear wig offers a fun and sophisticated style. Plus, it’s low-maintenance and synthetic so brush it out and get going! 


 4. High Fashion by Raquel Welch

The wig is the crème de la crème. Part of the Raquel Welch Couture Collection, High Fashion features 100% authentic Remy human hair and the signature Pinnacle Cap created to give the wearer the most comfortable and secure wig-wearing experience. The cap is hand-tied and features breathable mesh and a double monofilament top for breathability and easy part styling. Its ear-to-ear Swiss lace front gives the appearance of a natural hairline. Wear the long layers as is or style with subtle waves for a boho-chic look.


 5. Braylen by Amore

Piece-y bangs, soft waves, and a laidback look define this short wig. Braylen is easy to wear; just shake out and go. If you’re looking for some texture, apply hairspray or shaping cream or create a face-framing look by combing out the bangs to the side. Featuring a double monofilament top, this wig feels nice and soft on your scalp, perfect for anyone with irritated or sensitive skin.

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