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5 Keys To Keeping Your Wig in Tip-Top Shape

Great hair deserves great care and one of the secrets to making your wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions look great longer, is proper care.

If you’re new to wearing alternative hair, consider a kit that will outfit you with all you need to maintain your investment.

Wigs.com loves the BeautiMark collection because its formulated specifically for wearable hair and free of parabens.

BeautiMark Care Products

Here are 5 of our most FAQ's:

Why can’t I just use regular shampoos and conditioners on my wig?

Using products that are not formulated for your hair can damage the fiber causing it to look dull and feel brittle. Using products specially formulated for your hair type returns it to its natural sheen, prolonging that supple movement that’s so crucial to a natural look.

Can I use Woolite to wash my wig hair?

While there was a practice of simply throwing your wig or hairpiece in with the dirty laundry, newer synthetic fibers can be more sensitive to products which are not specifically formulated for your particular hair type.

I have wigs made of human hair and synthetic fiber, can I use the same product on both?

Synthetic hair and human hair each have special needs in order to maintain their optimal look and feel. But to maintain its beautiful condition, you must use specially formulated hair care products designed for your type of hair.

Should I wash my wig and hairpieces every day to keep it clean?

There’s no need to clean your wearable hair daily. But we do recommend a regular cleaning every 6-8 wears.

What should I do to keep my wig looking its best between washings?

Natural hair is kept hydrated with oils from the scalp.This, of course, does not happen with wigs or hair add-ons. While we don’t recommend washing your wearable hair every day, it is critical that you hydrate daily with leave-in conditioner. These products will also protect hair prior to any heat styling.

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