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5 Stunning Mid-Length Wigs

There is something about hair that is not too short yet not too long or, in fewer words, mid-length.
Here at Wigs.com, we are fans of mid length wigs. Wear them sleek, sophisticated, textured, tousled, or whichever way you like! Mid length wigs are perfect for any age and compliment any face shape. Here are some reasons why we think mid length wigs are the best.
First, it’s an incredibly flattering length. Because of different face shapes, some hair lengths just fall flat. Oblong face shapes, for instance, can look weighed down with super long hair.
Do you know what face shape is flattered by mid length locks? All of them! This length frames the face and can complement your best features.
Second, the versatility! Cropped cuts can’t be put into ponytails, while too-long tresses can be harder to curl because the length weighs down the spirals. The middle is the sweet spot because it’s the length that can do it all.
Third, since it is so versatile, the length can transition easily through seasons. If it’s warm out, pull it up into a ponytail. When it gets colder, your ears and neck are still covered and cozy.
Lastly, mid-length hair tends to be low-maintenance. Sure, short hair is easy to wash and dry, but most cropped or pixie styles require a good bit of styling. And have you ever tried to wash and dry super long hair? Ugh.
Feeling convinced? If you’re looking to explore that middle ground between short and long, check out these hand-picked looks!

Upstage by Raquel Welch

Upstage by Raquel Welch
Step right up if you’re looking for a versatile piece. Since Upstage by Raquel Welch is made with Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic fibers, you can use curling irons or flat irons to create different looks every day.
This bob style is a best seller and favorite of women all around the world, proving that mid length wigs are a perfect choice for anyone! Upstage is offered in a petite, average, and large cap size! 


Mila by Jon Renau

Mila by Jon Renau
Mila by Jon Renau is a beauty with loose waves that stop at the shoulders. This length is perfect for avoiding the dreaded curl-tangle every wig wearer has experienced. Your hair will look effortlessly good! Mila is so popular that it is now offered in a petite cap size

Avalon by Estetica

Avalon by Estetica
Avalon has nailed the wig density struggle. It has just the right density for the most realistic look, yet it’s still lightweight enough to keep you cool when things heat up. If you’re adventurous, Avalon comes in several fun fashion colors.

Radiant Beauty by Gabor

Radiant Beauty
“I could write a novel about how amazing I feel in this,” raves customer Tanya. “I got this wig today and I’m buying another one today.” How can you argue with that? Also, the long-layered waves of this wig look just as good down as they do in a ponytail! Radiant Beauty by Gabor is one of our favorites! 

Code Mono by Ellen Wille
 Code Mono by Ellen Wille

Code Mono may be a longer option on this list, but it still hits all the benefits of every mid-length wig if you don’t want a longer style. I love how this wig has a lace front that extends into the part, so you get the most natural-looking hairline. 

Which wig is going to convince you to make the leap to the middle? Tell us your favorite in the comments!

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