5 Ways to Store Your Wigs

5 Ways to Store Your Wigs

A wig, hair topper, or any alternative hairpiece is a considerable investment. It requires proper care and maintenance in terms of shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, and air drying, but it also requires proper storage. Storing your wigs in the right way can make a huge difference in their longevity. A sound storage system will guarantee a new wig for the next time you want to wear it. After all, with months or weeks between wears, no one wants to reach for a wig that’s tangled, dry, or lacking its luster. 


First, we Clean!

Before you store your wig, you need to put some love into it. We always recommend you detangle and wash your wig regularly, around every 7-10 uses, and give yourself enough time to air dry it. This is especially true for pre-storage washes since your wig needs ample time to air dry. If your wig has any moisture before it's stored, it may grow mold or mildew. A quick tip: human hair wigs can be dried with a blow dryer and sulfate-free heat protectant for faster drying, but synthetic wigs should always be air-dried to prevent damage.


Ways to Store Your Wig

Once your wig is clean and dry, you need to find a cool, dry place to store it far from the harsh direct sunlight. Here are some great ways to keep your wigs!

1. A Wig Head

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If you have enough space in your home to dedicate to mannequin heads, they are a great storage option for your wigs. Wig heads are built similar to your head, so they are best for maintaining the shape and style of your wig. Plus, it’s fun to see your collection up close.  Wig stands come in different types, including plastic, canvas, styrofoam, and cork. 

2. A Wig Stand

Metal Wig Head Stand by BeautiMark

Like a mannequin head, a wig stand is an excellent option for storage and doesn’t take up as much space as a mannequin head. It will help maintain style between uses and is ideal for storing wigs short-term or long-term. Wig stands and heads are also perfect for longer wigs that may crease in a box. The BeautiMark wig stand is foldable and collapsible, making it portable for travel! Another option is this mobile acrylic wig stand that is made with a non-slip grip for extra security. 


3. A Silk or Satin Bag 

ResQ Bag by Amy Gibson

Silk or satin wig storage bags are great for keeping the fibers of your wig intact, meaning safe from the elements in your home that may cause it to frizz or even tangle. Plus, when stored in a bag, your wig will not retain any moisture and stay soft and silky. Many wigs are already sold with satin bags that prevent static in the long run, but we also recommend the ResQ bag by Amy Gibson, which also doubles as a great option for wig travel. Note: short wigs should be folded inside out and in half for storage. Long wigs should also be folded inside and in half, but the longer fibers should wrap around your cap.   


4. A Storage Box or Original Packaging Box

Envy Wig Box (Packaging)

This may seem counterintuitive considering all the advice we’ve given, but when done right, there is no reason why you can’t store your wigs long term in the box they came in. However, any clear box or round felt box would do if you threw that box away. Just make sure you lay the wig flat in the box to retain its style, avoid creasing, and store it in a cool, dry place. 


5. Wig Hangers: Wig hangers are a great storage option for anyone with less space and multiple wigs. They can either be hung on hooks mounted to a wall or special hangers made exclusively for wigs. You can find them on Amazon! 

Like shampooing and conditioning, wig storage is essential for wig maintenance. Storing your wigs allows you to change them out seasonally, and proper storage increases the lifespan of your wig allowing it to stay in the best condition for as long as possible! 


Hi Joyce,

Thank you for sharing your story and experience! We appreciate hearing that we are helping. We have a video in this blog that explains how to wash a synthetic piece. The products we recommend for synthetic pieces are:

Beautimark Shampoo – https://www.wigs.com/collections/synthetic-hair-care/products/renew-shampoo-synthetic-hair-care-beautimark
Beautimark Conditioner – https://www.wigs.com/collections/synthetic-hair-care/products/leave-in-conditioner-synthetic-hair-care-beautimark

Warm regards,

The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I lost my hair due to chemo. I bought a Raquel Welch wig from a shop near me. I love the wig
and have done well with it, but I have learned more information from your site than I could find
anywhere else. When I bought my wig, I knew nothing about buying one. I was told nothing about
how to buy or what to do with it. I had to learn for myself. Also, still learning, with your help. The shop where I bought mine went out of business, so I couldn’t go back to ask questions. There also are very few in town that I know of or where to go. Thank you for the information that you are sharing with us, who are learning and totally blank about this journey. I just bought another Raquel Welch wig from you today. Thanks again for us who are still learning. Oh, I need to know how to shampoo, what kind, conditioner?? etc etc. I’ll have to read up on that. :)

Joyce Roberts

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