A New And Improved Concept for Half Wigs... Toppers!

A New And Improved Concept for Half Wigs... Toppers!

Are you looking for some coverage but don't want a full wig?  Many women find themselves looking for this solution. When you are in the beginning or middle stages of her loss they half wig seems like the answer. However, Half wigs I have had a complete makeover and are now called toppers or top pieces.

Hair Toppers by Your Favorite Name Brands!

Depending on your level of hair loss, you now have choices on the size of top piece you need to provide the perfect amount of coverage for you!


Human Hair Topper by Jon Renau


It used to be that half wigs were basically a one-size-fits-all solution. They were used to cover her loss areas or simply that add volume at the top of the head.


Sonata Hair Topper by Raquel Welch


But we don't all need the same amount of coverage. The half wigs from the past are amazingly versatile now. A half wig or a fall as they used to call it back in the day has really become a thing of the past. Ladies… We now have choices. And they are better than ever!  If you're just sitting in the part area or need a lot of coverage or volume on the top… Check out the huge variety of top pieces you have at your fingertips!

There is something for every stage of hair loss:

For just a little thinning on the top, try easiPart by EasiHair or Top of Head by hairdo.


Human Hair Topper by Hairdo


For a Moderate hair loss area, look for medium base size, such as Essentially You by Jon Renau or Matrix by Ellen Wille.


Hair Topper with Highlights by Ellen Wille


For pretty advanced area of her loss, you will need a large base that wraps down the nape of the neck. Try Milan by Noriko or Top Secret 12" by Jon Renau.


Top Secret by Jon Renau


The half wigs of yesterday are the amazing toppers and top pieces of today!

Be sure to take a look at how they can transform your hair!  These are not your mamas half wigs! The industry has come a long way…We've got you covered!


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Which level do you fall into? Have any questions about Topper or Half Wigs? Tell us below!

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