Alopecia Hair Loss | Wendy's Story

Alopecia Hair Loss | Wendy's Story

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Guest blogger, Wendy, is one of our community influencers. Read her thoughts on alopecia & wigs below:


I’m the kind of person who likes to be prepared. For everything. I’m constantly playing scenarios and outcomes through my head so I’ll be ready for whatever life throws my way. Gonna toss me some lemons? I already have a cocktail recipe I’ve been working on. Bring it.

 Of course, I know you can’t be prepared for EVERYTHING- especially when it comes to hair. So, I expected some bad hair days, some grays here and there—heck, I even expected the occasional terrible haircut, but Alopecia? Me? I was NOT prepared for that.

At first, I tried to hide it. I tried scalp sprays, powders, fibers—and hats, lots of hats! Nothing looked like hair.  The single most frustrating thing I was dealing with regarding my hair loss, was losing my sense of self. I felt as though a huge part of my identity had fallen away—quite literally. I wish my hair wasn’t such a big part of who I am, but come on—-what’s, like, the first thing you pick when you’re building an avatar of yourself? The hair. So, who am I now?  Well I can tell you that sporting a bald or shaved head isn’t for me—I’m not that brave.  I also don’t own enough hats with coordinating outfits. Even if I DID- I know that’s not me.  I’m a hair gal and I always will be.

After much (okay a crap ton) of research, I started looking into wigs.  I guess, originally, I imagined myself looking like I was wearing the finishing piece to my slutty cave girl Halloween costume. I had no idea that there was a whole new world of hair options out there: top pieces, half wigs, full wigs—and in synthetic hair (some even heat friendly!), human hair, REMY hair—-not to mention a myriad of beautiful styles, cuts, and colors. This was better than the beauty salon!


Now, to do some research…How do you even wear a wig? Take care of it? Where do I buy them? After scouring the internet, I found that had the selection, the prices, the “how to’s”—-but, most importantly, amazing customer service and a stellar return policy! These are KEY when finding the new “you”.  Especially, if you aren’t quite sure who that is yet...


I started with some hair toppers, which are spectacular for up-do’s (yes, I can wear up-do’s)!  And then I took the plunge. I got a wig that resembled my “old” hair—only truly a million times better because it’s healthy and full and fabulous! It still takes bravery to walk out your front door for the first time, but gave me the tresses and the tools to feel confident. In fact, I’ll be honest—I had super model hair. I’ve never had super model hair. WAIT- did I just find a bonus to having alopecia?!?!?


Now, that I’m brave, I can find myself again. Maybe I can find an even better version of me...After all, I just got an order from to try on...a blue wig, a magenta wig, a lilac wig...cause, hey, if you’ve got it—alopecia, that is—why not flaunt it?  I’ll let ya know how it all goes...


Thank you, Wendy!

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