Be Present - Advice from Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Be Present - Advice from Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss isn’t a topic women like to discuss, but it still happens. In fact, 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women.
Despite that statistic, it can be easy to feel alone in the struggle. If you are beginning to experience hair loss, you may be feeling a range of emotions from anxiety to grief. These are all normal reactions! Even so, it’s important to realize you are not alone.
All this month, we are encouraging our customers to Be Present in everything they do. Being present means letting go of what was and leaving tomorrow to tomorrow. Part of being present is breaking the stigma that hair loss may be causing you today.
We reached out to some of our fabulous customers and asked them to share their own experiences with female hair loss. Breaking the silence is just one step towards breaking the stigma, but these women’s wealth of wisdom can also help you become more present in your everyday life.
Tav is a customer experiencing hair loss. She found adjusting to life with less hair had a learning curve. “My head got cold in the winter without hair!” she said. “It was a revelation at the time.” It was more than just a temperature issue though. “I had to dig deeper to find my worth without my hair,” she admitted. It’s understandable; in our society, so much value is placed on women’s physical looks, hair included.
Tav credits wigs and a sense of humor with helping her face her hair loss. Wigs have a few upsides, after all.  “Now you get to play with any type of hair you want - play with styles and color,” she explains. “Own it and don't feel bad about wearing wigs. You are ultimately doing this for yourself.”

Debbie is another wig-wearer. Her hair loss began when she was only a young teen. The condition left her feeling limited in her own life. “[Back then], I used to wear falls when I had a bit to clip in to. [Because of that], there was no swimming, no camping, no sleepovers,” Debbie said. 

When the hair loss progressed, Debbie turned to wigs instead. “I just started wearing wigs from a couple of years ago. This has helped me tremendously to feel confident and just be brave.” 


Emily is another wig-wearer who experienced hair loss at a young age. She originally balked at her doctor’s suggestion of wearing a wig. “I was horrified,” she admits. At the time, she didn’t understand all the wearable hair options out there and opted to keep biological hair as-is for a time. “I wish I could go back and erase that time!”
She soon found a community of women to support her. “I can tell you I was able to pull myself out of feeling sorry for myself when I found more women like me,” Emily said.
Emily is glad she gave hairpieces a chance. “There isn’t anything I haven’t done in a wig or top piece. I just live life to the fullest and I do whatever I want in life. I don’t let my hair stop me and I’m just happier than I have ever been.”

If you’re in the beginning stages of hair loss, remember you are not alone. You have options and you will feel like yourself once again. You may even find you like life better in a wig!
Are you experiencing hair loss? How are you handling it? Tell us your experiences in the comments and join our community of beautiful wig wearers!



I just have to Thank all the Beautiful Women that have helped me at For decades I have had fine thin hair. I am Blessed to have an Amazingly talented Daughter and Son who are Hairdressers and also trained to do Hair extensions. They have taken care of my hair for 20 years!! My work always revolved around The Cosmetic Industry so for me I had to always dress up have makeup on and sell!! Well when you have bad hair let me tell you it isn’t easy and I stressed over it Every Single minute of each day. Fast Forward to now 2020!! Such a horrible year for our world and my Auto Immune disease Graves’ disease is finally diagnosed! Yay finally an answer! Well my poor hair started falling out by the follicle so much that I didn’t have any other choice as not enough hair for extensions anymore! So enough about me! I bought and returned 4 wigs in a matter of three days and called you guys at least 10 times!! Everyone was so nice and helpful and answered any question I Had about this new process. No problem with refunds and can’t believe how quickly shipping went!! Thank you so much for everything! I have two wigs in the right colors for me now and I Love them! ( Ignite and Cameron by Jon Renau in palm springs blonde and Laguna blonde!!)Excellent customer service!! I will continue to purchase my wigs from you and no one else because of Amazing your staff has been! Thank you for helping me feel confident and OK about wearing a wig❤️❤️❤️Melissa M.


Hi Terry,

We are so happy to hear that you feel confident and the sweet compliments you get. Our team would love to answer any questions you may have or assist you with choosing the best hair topper or wig for you.

If you’d like to contact our Wig Experts, please feel free to give us a call at 800-581-2001. Thank you!

Best regards,

The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

I have been wearing a topper for the past 3years I was kind of shocked when I put it on because I saw a full head of hair felt self conscious but when people started to say I love your hair I said it’s a wig and I felt better I had breast cancer so I lost hair on top and sides I do use tape on the front part of the hair line the topper I have now is Jan Renau but am not happy with it I purchased it from a Salon with help from my insurance company money wise now I would like to purchase the Ellen Willi Ideal rent human hair lace front top piece hand tied sound like it would be ideal for me I need help

Terry vandenakker

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